India’s Unofficial Coaches, Ramesh Suresh Of Cadbury 5 Star Use Vine To Share Cricket Lessons

Ramesh Suresh of Cadbury 5 Star now get jobs as India's unofficial coaches. The duo shared lessons through Vine on Twitter during the India vs. Zimbabwe cricket match

Cadbury 5 star ramesh suresh

Cricket season in India is rich in engagement opportunities. Brands will not leave to chance an event as big as the ICC World Cup. This World Cup, Ramesh and Suresh – the lead TVC protagonists of Cadbury 5 Star – were [email protected], again! Ever since the funny siblings have been told to get a job for themselves by their ‘pitaji’, the duo have been finding amusing ways to make themselves useful. Amusing because they are usually prone to ‘short term amnesia’ right after they start munching on a bar of Cadbury 5 Star.

They started off their first job by delighted unsuspecting movie-goers in PVR Cinemas and treating them to some real LOST moments. Read full story at “Why Ramesh-Suresh Of Cadbury 5 Star Get Jobs At PVR Cinemas Ticket Counter”. 

Then they did live commentary for the India-South Africa match armed with their Soundcloud account and obviously got LOST during the commentary. Ramesh and Suresh did shayaris, forgot the scores, created an anthem, read an audio-letter for the South-African team, cried, yelled, opened contests, thanked fans with personalized messages and much more, powered by their Soundcloud account. Read full story at “How Cadbury 5 Star Engaged Fans Via Soundcloud With Ramesh-Suresh’s LOST Commentary For #CWC2015“.

Last Saturday the lost duo had a new job up their sleeves as India’s unofficial coaches. They went on a mission to teach everyone, including the boys in blue, a thing or two about cricket, as India and Zimbabwe battled it out in the ground. Ramesh Suresh managed to keep fans entertained with their crazy LOST lessons shared as Vines on Twitter. The campaigns have been conceptualized, developed and promoted by OgilvyOne.

The LOST Vine videos!

Coaches Ramesh and Suresh were at their LOST best in the Vines. From suggestions on how to be a star cricketer to how to look good after taking wickets, the duo shared funny, weird, loony ways for excelling in cricket. And while the crazy duo were at it, the Cadbury 5 Star bar also played a vital role – the two would often indulge in a bar and get ‘LOST”.

Conversations were hashtagged #JoKhaayeKhoJaaye thereby building on the campaign idea ‘ Jo Khaaye Kho Jaaye’, while also inviting fans to participate. Savour a few of the Vines shared on the Cadbury 5 star Twitter handle.

Building on Brand Ramesh Suresh

Ramesh Suresh are cult figures by themselves, so much so that they enjoy a fan following of their own across all age groups. Social feeds as well as instant messaging feeds are often packed with Ramesh Suresh jokes. Cadbury 5 Star is doing a fabulous job by getting them closer to this fan following – for one it gives them leverage to the brand idea of ‘Jo Khaaye Kho Jaaye’ and, for the other, it helps them build a community of fans and cricket buffs.

With its LOST commentary, the chocolate brand became the first brand to leverage Soundcloud for a live commentary to engage with youngsters. Now with its use of Vine videos in the day long match, the brand has managed to further its engagement with a cricket-loving nation in a fun and memorable way, bringing alive the brand proposition of ‘#JoKhaayeKhoJaye.