Why Ramesh-Suresh Of Cadbury 5 Star Get Jobs At PVR Cinemas Ticket Counter

To bring alive the brand proposition of ‘Jo khaaye kho jaaye’, Cadbury 5 Star got its lead TVC protagonists - Ramesh Suresh a job at PVR cinemas in Mumbai and Gurgaon

Cadbury 5 star ramesh suresh

The funny duo of Ramesh and Suresh are back again and how. Ever since the crazy siblings made their debut as lead protagonists in the Cadbury 5 Star television commercial back in 2011, the two have won lakhs of hearts for their crazy antics.

Entertaining masses comes almost naturally to the lunatic duo, a quality the chocolate brand has been successfully leveraging with a series of episodes dedicated to the Ramesh-Suresh fans. The communication almost always linked back to the product proposition – ‘Jo khaaye kho jaaye’ featuring the two often experiencing ‘short term amnesia’ every time they munched on a Cadbury 5 Star.

This time, the chocolate brand decided to up the ante by taking the cult figures out of television and into real life. In an attempt to bring alive the core campaign idea of ‘Jo khaaye kho jaaye’, Cadbury 5 Star got the two working at PVR cinemas, where unsuspecting movie goers got a taste of the real ‘lost’ Ramesh and Suresh moments.

Bringing alive Ramesh-Suresh

In a campaign conceptualized, developed and promoted by OgilvyOne, Ramesh and Suresh are seen handling the ticket and food counters at PVR cinemas in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

They interact with several unsuspecting movie goers and treat fans to some typical ‘lost’ Ramesh and Suresh moments. With on the spot gags, freebies and laughter for everyone, the two ensured that fans had more than just a movie experience.

The video embedded below gives a glimpse of Ramesh and Suresh @ work:

Driving #JoKhaayeKhoJaye conversations

The on-ground initiative was shared with the virtual world through YouTube videos, while driving online buzz. Short video snippets of the two entertaining visitors at the cinema were shared on the social media assets of Cadbury 5 Star.

A video titled ‘Starwaale Uncle’ features film critic Rajeev Masand being treated to live Ramesh-Suresh craziness, a short interaction that puns well with the critic’s 5 stars movie reviews:

The brand has also been driving social buzz with the help of contextual contests.  Just as in the crazy PVR encounters where the duo come across two fans with rhyming names like theirs - Dinesh-Mahesh, the brand launched  a social media context inviting fans to come up with crazy rhyming names.

Fans shared pictures, tweets and comments using the campaign hahstag #JoKhaayeKhoJaye on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Star builds the Ramesh Suresh fan club

Most popular book characters get a new lease of life after a successful screenplay brought them from paper onto the big screen. This is probably a first in Indian advertising when characters from a television commercial have interacted with fans in the real world. Having found an identity among popular culture and entertainment, Ramesh Suresh enjoy a cult status of their own and have also gone on to trigger a new phenomenon on social called the ‘Ramesh Suresh jokes’. You get these jokes on Whatsapp, you read them on your social feeds, and you can instantly recognize the brand’s hard work behind popularizing the duo and building mass appeal over the years.

Cadbury 5 Star’s ‘Lost at work’ campaign has taken the Ramesh-Suresh brand connect to an altogether new level. By making them interact and entertain people in flesh and blood, fans have been given a taste of the real craziness and a first hand experience of how the duo actually ‘get lost’ while having a 5 Star.

Social media buzz was driven well with the help of short video snippets and contextual contests using the campaign hahstag. The campaign has further boosted the Ramesh Suresh fan club, in turn strengthening the brand proposition of ‘#JoKhaayeKhoJaye’.