What Happens When Rajinikanth’s Characters Are Re-imagined As Minions

Gautham Raj re-imagines each of Rajinikanth's reel-life characters as these cute minions. Creatives shared by Minimal Kollywood Posters go viral on social media

Rajinikanth Minions

Rajinikanth – the Indian superstar who is known to hold a matinee idol status in South India recently celebrated his birthday. As the screen icon celebrated his 64th birthday on December 12th, fans both offline and online went berserk showing their love for the superstar. Celebrations varied from cake cutting to free hair cuts to offering pujas for the well being of the star.

With his latest movie Lingaa releasing on the same day, Facebook and Twitter saw the maximum buzz from his fans. From wishes pouring from all over the world, the star once again became active on Twitter to thank his fans, PM Modi and his film fraternity friends.

But one fan has a unique way to pay his tribute to the star. Gautham Raj added a despicable twist to the star while he re-imagined each of Rajinikanth’s ten reel-life characters as these adorable minions. These creatives were shared prior to his birthday on Facebook by Minimal Kollywood Posters and since then have gone viral.

1. Baasha

This 1995 Indian Tamil action drama film starring Rajinikanth won Filmfans Association Award and Cinema Express Award for the Best Actor for his performance in the film. Manik Baashha aka Rajini remagined as a minion.

Bashaa Rajinikanth

2. Endhiran

This 2010 Indian Tamil science fiction techno thriller, saw Rajini in dual roles as a scientist and a robot. The below minion enacts the robot.


3. Shivaji

This 2007 Indian Tamil action thriller film directed by Shankar, saw Sivaji aka Rajini fight the system in his own way.

Shivaji Rajinikanth

4. Padayappa

This 1999 Tamil drama film was a huge box office hit and the family drama is well caught by the below minion.


5. Sri Raghavendra

In this 100th film of Rajini, he plays the role of the Hindu saint Raghavendra in this movie and so does the minion.

Sri Raghavendra-Rajinikanth

6. Padikkadavan

This 1985 film is considered as one of the biggest hits for Rajinikanth during the 80s. The family drama saw Rajni becoming a taxi driver to educate his brother, so does the minion too.


7. Moondru Mugam

This mega hit blockbuster saw Rajinikanth doing a triple role where he also plays a scrupulous police officer. The minion tries to depict the same character.

Moondru Mugam Rajinikanth

8. Dharmathin Thalaivan

This 1988 Tamil film again a block buster hit saw Rajini playing a double role. One of his character is an absent minded lecturer in a college, enacted by the minion in the below poster.

Dharmathin Thalaivan-Rajinikanth

9. Baba

This 2002 Tamil fantasy-action film saw Rajini as a carefree young atheist. The minion avatar captures him perfectly.


10. Ejamaan

This 1993 Tamil romantic drama film saw Rajini play the role of a feudal chieftain, adored and respected by his village people. Like you would adore the below minion in the same avatar.

Ejamaan Rajinikanth