Twitter Divided Between #RajdeepSlapped And #IStandWithRajdeep After Rajdeep Sardesai Assaulted At New York

Rajdeep Sardesai gets slapped by a mob at the Madison Square yesterday, now a new video shows that the journalist was also guilty of provoking the crowd

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his maiden visit to the US. While he is doing his best to be the country’s brand advocate by getting maximum interest from investors and projecting a different outlook of the country, well-known senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has landed into a controversy.

Rajdeep, who is the consulting editor at India Today is in the US covering the Modi visit. Yesterday the journalist was heckled and then pushed near Madison Square Garden by a group gathered to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reports NDTV.

The matter came into light when journalist James Fontanella Khan tweeted about the incident. Later Rajdeep also tweeted about the unfortunate incident that took place right before Modi’s speech at Madison Square.

Here is the video which was initially doing the rounds on social media and got support for the unwanted incident.

This led to a further support for the journalist which saw the emergence of the hashtag #IStandWithRajdeep. The hashtag has been trending at the top of the Twitter India Trends.

After Modi’s landmark address to a crowd of 18,000 at Madison Square Garden ended, Rajdeep shared one more tweet that also reflected his anguish of the event that happened earlier in the day.

With a new week starting many would have thought that the incident might settle down. However, social media is now viewing another video which shows how things shaped up. The video shows Rajdeep charging up first by hurling abusive words on one of the Modi supporters.

The entire episode has now two sides to tell. In fact, journalist James Fontanella Khan had later tweeted that Rajdeep was confrontational and he used abusive language too.

Rajdeep has responded to the latest video, calling it a selective video and labeling himself as the victim of entire episode. Besides he has asked his fans and haters on social media to read a Facebook post of Achint Sharma who happens to share another version of the story too.

However, not everyone is happy with Rajdeep’s claim:

With the latest video doing extensive rounds on Facebook and Twitter, the verdict is clear. Time to leave the issue right here and move ahead since both sides have an equal share in creating this unnecessary event at a time when the PM is doing his level best to present a young and brighter picture of our country.