Rajdeep Sardesai Now Gives His Book To Amit Shah. Twitter Reacts Hilariously

Rajdeep now gives his book to Amit Shah, Twitter reacts hilariously to his ongoing marketing tactics for his book - 2014: The Election That Changed India

Rajdeep Sardesai Twitter

Rajdeep Sardesai, ex-editor-in-chief of IBN18 Network and the present consulting editor at the India Today group had a roller coaster 2014. The Indian General Elections which gave him the perfect podium to cover exclusives night after night and the recent book launch on the same election – “2014: The Election That Changed India” are some of his highs of 2014. But incidents like leaving IBN18 after Reliance Industries Ltd. acquired control in Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd. and the brawl at the Madison Square with Modi fan boys are also the lows of 2014.

His activities have also made him quite popular on social media. The entire Madison Square incident was revealed on social media by both parties. With that he is also often known to get indulged in wrong debates on social media for his secular views.

The never ending book promotions on Twitter

But all is not so bad for the popular journalist on social media who has been using the medium to promote his book. He keeps sharing updates on how good his book is doing with a constant dose of politicians who are endorsing or likely to read his book.

Read my book to find out says Rajdeep

However, Twitter – where he has more than a million followers – has been reacting in its own funny ways about his book launch and his promotional strategies. The hilarious reactions on Twitter started with Rajdeep having stating recently to read his book to find answers. Twitter has been waiting for this moment and thus began “Read my book to find out” for almost every question on this planet. The below tweets are examples of the hilarious take:

If this wasn’t enough, Twitter users who had got bored by the constant promotion of his book started hilarious reactions on how Rajdeep is promoting his new book. But BJP’s President accepting Rajdeep’s new book broke everything on the trend, if not the Internet which only Kim Kardashian has the rights to.

Twitter once again was at its hilarious best with Modi loyalist finally accepting Rajdeep’s book. Was that out of love or forceful strategy by Rajdeep asks Twitter in a funny way.

1. Was a gun used to make it happen

2. Or was it the other way round and Amit Shah had to give up

3. Did Rajdeep say yes for #GharWapsi

4. With this Rajdeep becomes Asia’s best salesman too

5. All is well between them now

6. Don’t worry the book isn’t involved in a riot

7. Would Hitler be spared if he was alive

8. Looks like all is well between the two

Twitter as we know rarely spares anyone but we hope that with this move Rajdeep can forge the long broken relationship with BJP. And don’t forget to tag the author if you have bought his book, he might be eager to share and make you the poster boy/girl on his Twitter feed. For now he is once again on a hunt to launch his book, we hope he ends this by finally gifting it to our PM Narendra Modi.