#RailBudget In 13 Tweets

Listing 13 tweets that will summarize the entire Rail Budget of 2014-15 which kept its focus on issues like cleanliness, safety, IT, staff welfare.


There was a time when any budget be it a Rail or Union, was left to the television and print media to make the common man understand. They did it in their ways by getting experts and making it more incomprehensible for the common man. Thanks to the NDA Government being led by the tech and social media savvy Narendra Modi, this time the consumption of the budget is in real time and easier to figure out.

The optimistic Rail Budget was presented today by Minister for Railways Sadananda Gowda. While the budget is a promising one the rail ministry made sure that the budget reached out on social media too. The budget was streamed live, live tweeted and updates were shared on Facebook too. The very essential move comes a day after the rail ministry launched itself on social media yesterday.

We have listed 13 tweets that will summarize the entire Rail Budget of 2014-15 which kept its focus on issues like cleanliness, safety, IT, staff welfare, among other areas.

1. The early stress by Sadananda Gowda was on improving Tariff Policy. He said hardly any resources were set for development projects, Rs.5 Lakh crore would be required for ongoing projects alone.

2. Recent fare hike will help the ministry to generate additional revenue of about Rs.8000 crore. Besides resource mobilisation through leveraging PSU resources, Foreign Direct Investment and Public Private Participation will be done to get the Railways back on track.

3. Cleanliness in railways has been one of the key focus area of this year’s budget.

4. From now on travelers can order food on train by SMS & phone. Feedback can be provided through IVRS system on the quality of food.

5. Bullet train has been proposed between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Other proposed routes on cards.

6. Plans also there to set up a diamond quadrilateral of bullet trains to connect the four major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

7. Safety issues have been a concern for the railways and the minister has proposed some strong measures.

8. The tech savvy NDA government plans to introduce some interesting IT initiatives for railways. Revamping Reservation System into next Gen e-Ticketing System is one of them.


9. Now you can take your work to the railways too - Wifi enabled in A1 and A category stations and in select trains. 

10. The minister also proposed on setting up of Railway University for technical and non-technical subjects. Additionally, Innovations Incubation Center is going to be set up to leverage talents and harness staff potential.

11. Summer internship with railways.

 12. Staff welfare has been also taken care. Contribution to Staff Benefit Fund increased from Rs.500 to Rs. 800 and Hospital Management Information System to be integrated with all railway health units and hospital.

13. Finally new surveys and trains have also found its space in the 2014-15 rail budget. 18 new line surveys, 10 surveys for doubling 3rd and 4th lines and gauge conversion have been taken care along with bunch of new trains.

The above listed tweets are some of the highlights of the 2014-15 Rail Budget, for a detailed look please go through the entire speech here.