Qyuki, An Indian Social Network For Stories

Qyuki an Indian Social Network For Stories founded by Shekhar Kapur and A. R. Rahman

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An Indian social network

Whenever I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or for that matter the latest sensation Pinterest, I am excited to do so but at the same time I always have a question in my mind. Excited because I am a social media believer and love the art of sharing but in the same breath I have often wondered why don’t we Indians have a social network for a 100 million population. I would be wrong to say that there were or are no efforts. We heard lot about BigAdda but then we are also aware of its fall and recently we reviewed Qureka, Tyched, etc. which could be interesting, but then other than this nothing much has been happening. However Qyuki, a social network for stories is doing the rounds of media circles and it has successfully gathered a lot of interest for a couple of reasons.

1. It is co-founded by two great global entertainers - Shekhar Kapur and A. R. Rahman.

2. It is also rumored as reported by Economic Times that Cisco has invested 270 million rupees ($5.5 million) in Qyuki.

So what is Qyuki?

Qyuki which means “because” in Hindi will be a social media network initially for India where people will be able to collaborate and share stories in the form of videos, audio, etc. In other words user generated content that could be leveraged with the core idea of crowd sourcing in the longer run.  However Shekhar Kapoor was very quick to defend that it is not a mashup between YouTube and iMovie. He further added on this:

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]Qyuki will be different than those other networks and even now many overlapping social networks like Twitter and Facebook complement each other, rather than directly competing. The threat to this new network won’t come so much from other networks but from its own shortcomings.[/pullquote]

Qyuki that is presently being developed by a 25 people team and headquartered in Bangalore would be ready with the alpha version in July but it could be October-November for the major roll out as told by Shekhar in an interview with Business Today.

Will It Challenge the Global players?

Frankly speaking it is too early to say anything as it is still to be out in the market and time will tell the fate of this new social network. However the idea of crowdsourcing talents is not a new thing and we have recently shared our thoughts on how Bollywood is using this technology very smartly. Talenthouse a site on similar lines does the same thing and it has tied up with all the major brands for scouting talents and ideas.

Possibilities are endless

So after reading the early thoughts from Shekhar, I am really excited as I see unlimited possibilities. Apart from making money via ads, there could be some really cool ways of revenue generation. For example I am very sure that there would be subscription models of quality work and Qyuki could be a platform for tying up the buyers and sellers. Facebook or any other major network at present doesn’t have any feature like this.

Regional content is an area people haven’t explored well but I am quite positive that Qyuki would not be missing out on this arena. It would be great to see if Qyuki could be a portal where local artisans and local talents could share their stories and see how they could grow.

As we say India is a land of stories and Shekhar Kapur knows it best. But as he said previously in the article that the shortcomings will be from its own network rather than threats from other networks. Not only content would have to be monitored but then copyright issues will have to be sorted too. I am sure the same questions must be ringing in the minds of the founders too.

For now Qyuki has hit the right chords with the investor news to the co-founder news and I wish that it surprises us with the launch too.

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