Qyuki, A Crowdsourcing Network For Creative Minds

A review of AR Rahman & Shekhar Kapur joint venture Qyuki, a crowdsourcing network for creative minds


Qyuki, a social network for stories which was quite talked about during the beginning of 2012 has been launched successfully. The AR Rahman & Shekhar Kapur joint venture has a web and an Android app available for fans right now. I gave the web version a try to find more about the platform, that has its base in Bangalore.

How does Qyuki work?

Qyuki is open to all and you can log in via your Facebook profile or normal email login. Once the login process is over (it is bit tedious even though I used a Facebook login), you land up on Qyuki with the first thought being - ‘another Pinterest!’ I reserved my views since today every web network is opting the visual way. The platform is broadly divided into three sections as elaborated below:

1. Creations: The creations tab, as the name suggests is a collection of images, videos and audio. This section is also further sub-divided into Following, Handpicked and Premiere. All the content that is available on the platform can be filtered by various categories, emotions, location, noteworthy and experts. However, the filtering could be made much more efficient in the further upgrades. As a user you can perform two major actions - either you can create your own content or appreciate and engage with other users content.

The platform accepts original content either from your computer or already stored in your profile for all the forms of media such as text, audio, image, video. While you upload a new content, you can associate it with respective categories and also add the reactions that provoked your creations.

Similarly if you want to engage with an existing content shared by other users then you need to express your reaction, following which you can leave a comment on it. The platform also provides a quick analysis in the form of number of views for the relative content.

Along with this you can follow experts or top creators by clicking on the Following section. The Handpicked section is the most interesting section for me since it was a collection created by Qyuki. An incentive for creative people to submit interesting creations and wish to get the “Handpicked” badge from Qyuki.


Premiere, the last tab is also another very interesting tab from revenue point of view. Right now the tab is showing some exclusive content of Shekhar Kapoor  and A.R. Rehman. But I am sure that in future this could be used as an exclusive section and looked at from a monitory point of view.

2. Community: The entire network is being referred to as the community. This section has two sub-divisions such as Everyone and Experts. Everyone as the name goes, shows the entire list of people but it was not clear what is the rationality of showing the selected ones when there are no filters applied.

One of the highlights of the platform is getting Experts on the network such as Imtiaz Ali, Ranjit Barot, Chetan Bhagat, etc. These mentors here are not only showing their talent in their loved forms of art but also giving you the opportunity to impress them. Another interesting aspect of the platform where at some point these experts could scout and nurture fresh talent. And another revenue making source going further.


3. Inspirations: At present there are amazing challenges thrown by experts and by the network to the users so that the level of interactivity and excitement increases. One such challenge that is going on is create stories in 140 characters. This could be another source of revenue generation by becoming a sponsored section where brands can run contests and get the best via crowdsourced methodology.

4. My Profile: This is the personal section of the user and you can also see the entire snapshot of the activities that you have performed on the platform such as list of Following (people you follow), Followers (who are following you) and Inspirations (experts you are following). In addition to this, you have the facility of messaging, search and a notification icon to keep you abreast of updates in your network.

How cool is Qyuki?

Qyuki for sure works without a glitch at present. However, the list of content that the platform is showing to me under the section – All Categories is bit irritating to me. Let the user decide what she wants to see in the network. You can show it in a section called suggestions or show it in the Community section.

One of the challenges of user generated platforms is that the platform needs to be regulated otherwise it would turn into  spam. For example, I saw a content that was objectionable and I don’t follow the person but I am still seeing it on the “All Creations” section.  I guess this could be resolved to an extent if the user is allowed to select his own content stream.

Apart from this Qyuki could be exciting for creative people, looking at the elite league of experts joining and being part of the platform.

Ending Thoughts

I had initially shared that Qyuki could very well be moulded into a crowdsourced platform of creative work. Right now Qyuki is very well poised to be the same and stand in direct competition with platforms like Tumbhi, Talenthouse, etc.

Additionally, questions about monetization, regional content, copyright issues and becoming a market place - that I had shared in my earlier post - have now been answered by Poonacha Machaiah, who is now heading Qyuki.

I am happy to see that Qyuki has not tried to be another Facebook or Twitter. Qyuki looks interesting and the success would be on how the platform is monitored and how well the experts show their support too. Seeing the growing love of Bollywood for crowdsourcing, I am sure it is going to keep all stakeholders interested.