QVENDO, Private Online Shopping Club Engages With Indibloggers

Qvendo, Private Online Shopping Club Engages with Indibloggers

Indiblogger is a platform where bloggers get their due. It is not only about sharing content and forming a likeminded community but brand association matters too. The recently published Indian Blogosphere report also highlights it and the same was shared by Robin in his interview with us. Off late there have been a lot of brands that have had several contests on Indiblogger to engage with bloggers. Qvendo, an international private online shopping club based in Munich has recently tied up with Indiblogger to engage with bloggers. Qvendo has asked bloggers to write about what they would think of buying from Qvendo with a sum of INR50,000 and why? Looks tempting and I think it won’t be a challenge for the fairer sex. Qvendo as a brand is using this opportunity for not only creating awareness among the Indian community but also to grab some feedback from the current and potential members.

Reema von Quadt was quite keen to share more thoughts on Qvendo, on the contest, etc. The email interview that we did is shared below:


Reema von Quadt

1. Tell us a bit about you and QVENDO.

QVENDO is a Private Online Shopping Club based in Munich, Germany.  We, my husband Oliver von Quadt and I, founded the company in 2010.  The online shop provides an exclusive gateway to European and U.S. fashion brands not available in India.  In addition to providing quality brands known worldwide, QVENDO is the 1st private shopping club to make established boutique Western brands available to India.  We also handle the complete customs and shipping process for our customers; which includes the advance calculation and payment of customs tax.  All merchandise is sourced directly from Europe and the U.S. and offered to its membership through 5 day sales on our website www.qvendo.com.

Before QVENDO, I was a senior accounts director for a large brand fashion and retailer PR firm. I am originally from Mumbai but my family moved to Germany in my youth, though I still visit India several times a year.  I remember being frustrated with the lack of access to high quality European fashion when living in, and later, visiting India.  When name brands were available, they were either more expensive than European prices or really old styles.  This market shortage, and the obstacles that many fashion houses face if they want to sell to India, gave us the idea for QVENDO.  We wanted to provide direct access to established luxury brands as well as Europe’s hot up and coming designers, boosting India to the forefront of the fashion world.

2. QVENDO has recently launched a blogging contest on Indiblogger. Can you share some details on the initiative and what is the objective behind this?

Bloggers are invited to write about what they would buy from QVENDO with 50.000 Rupees and why?  The winner actually gets the money to spend on QVENDO.  The entries would be judged on the style quotient, creativity and also the popularity among the readers and the blogging community. Bloggers also have the unique opportunity to offer their readers an exclusive membership to QVENDO; which otherwise is by invite only.  While we are certainly hoping to create more awareness of what QVENDO has to offer, our motivation for a contest like this was to get feedback from current and potential members on which products they liked and which ones did not get that much attention.  We want to stay connected with our consumers and show them that we care about what they want and to do our best to provide more of their top preferences when it comes to fashion and brands. India has a fabulous blogger community and we think this is a perfect connection to them.

3. It is great to see the rules of QVENDO to judge the winner where you are giving importance to content with ‘like’ too. What are you looking from a blogger if she wants to be the chosen one?

We want to see a writer who was able to understand the concept of QVENDO and to share that with their readers in the most natural, yet creative, way.  QVENDO is a shopping club, more like a circle of friends than a random store that anonymous people flow in and out of each day.  So if an author can write from a personal perspective like they were talking to a friend and tell them why they like what they see on QVENDO and what they would buy, that is the key.  Of course we are looking at how others like their article too.  As a shopping club, we want everyone to join in and give us feedback; that is what will keep making QVENDO great!

4. QVENDO itself has an amazing blog presence and it requires loads of effort too. How important do you think are blogs to a brand?

I think blogs are a great way to get more information out to a consumer about a particular brand.  With so many names out there people want to know things like, who is behind it, are they reputable and why should I like or buy this brand?  We see our blog as a great way to help our members get to really know the designers we sell, but also for us to be able to give them the latest tips on how to wear the popular trends and give them more ideas on how to express themselves.  It’s also a great way for us to share with our members what we do in order to bring them the latest fashions and allow them into our world to build trust so that they know when they shop with QVENDO, they are getting hand-picked, authentic and high quality merchandise.

5. Finally, what does the future hold for QVENDO in terms of engagement with Indians via social media?

We love being able to interact with our members via social media.  Whether it’s through blogs, Twitter, or Facebook, we want our members to get to know us and we want to know what our members’ expectations are.  As a private shopping club, it should be about interaction, not just some retailer giving you a product and telling you to buy it because it’s cool.  It is important that our members know they matter and that they are a valued club member.  Some cool competitions for amazing goodies and more opinion quizzes are a few things coming down the pipeline for our fans and members to interact with us more on our social media forums.


Good to see that Qvendo is excited to engage with bloggers and provide them value. Thanks Reema for sharing your thoughts. And all my shopaholic friends it’s time to log on to the contest here and give it your best shot. Good luck!