Qureka- Discover People And Information That Interests You

Qureka- Discover People And Information That Interests You

Facebook and Twitter are not the only social networks active in this world. They may be the most popular ones but the market is being flooded by networks driven for a purpose. One such social network is Qureka founded by Avinash Anandan. Qureka not only allows you to connect with people but it provides you with content based on your recommendation. I believe that curated content is the way forward and Qureka solves the problem. However let’s move ahead and check out the other features that it plans to offer to users.

Features of Qureka.

Some of the features that Qureka offers is as follows,

Feed: Feed is a page where you are presented with curated content. In other words Qureka fans need to provide the various interests and based on it content is shared with users. For e.g. I have mentioned social media as my interest and that’s the reason why I have been presented content by Qureka and from the web as well. A particular content can be shared on different networks and users can either comment or recommend to their community.



Home: We often say my home is the ultimate place. So for Qureka user home is a Place which is a visual display of content that is being provided from the page Feed. Home can hold articles, images, audio, etc. and can be sorted quite easily. These articles shared in Home can be shared on other social networks.



Places: Places is the collection of Homes which is either created or followed by people or places been recommended. So a Place is nothing but a kind of warehouse which has all the content but inline to my preferences.



People: People are all about connections. It gives you a snapshot of all the Recommended People, Active ones, Followers and people who follow. Qureka also provides the bio details with their interests’ keywords too.



 Apart from these main features, Qureka has a chat application to follow Qureka people to chat and grow their network.

Is it really worth it?

Qureka which is an Indian social network looks good and the feature Places is worth a look but then a question arises in my mind:

Why should I leave Facebook, Twitter and join Qureka; what is the incentive that Qureka is providing me with? Presently we are surrounded by so many networks that does having another network solve a problem or give rise to some more.

Also the Feed page can be made simpler and cool too.

Avinash has promised to reply to our questions related to Qureka. In the meanwhile will you try Qureka? Do share your experience with us.