Quirk Box’s Engagement With It’s Community On Facebook

Quirk Box's Engagement With It's Community On Facebook


Websites selling designer clothes, accessories, etc. are plenty in the Indian market. Well, I am not debating if ecommerce in India is going to be the biggest bubble to burst in 2012. I am sharing the story behind Quirk Box, a startup that is the baby of Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia. I had a chance to speak with Jayesh, who is also credited as British Council Recipient for the Top 5 Young Arts Entrepreneurs in India, 2008. Jayesh highlighted that their designs are about originality and the work is not a copy of a Bollywood poster. Jayesh, I must tell you that a visitor will feel really awesome once she lands on your site as it is so bubbly and colorful.

Jayesh shared some more interesting thoughts about his association with social media. He added that it’s close to a year now on social media and Facebook has been the only social network where Quirk Box is active and engaging with its fans. Jayesh plans to continue this as his consumers are on Facebook.

“For now social media engagement is all about awareness and getting feedback from fans”, Jayesh added when I asked him about the objective of using social media as one of the modes of online engagement.

Quirk Box has definitely created a great network on Facebook with close to 3500 fans. One needs to appreciate the good work being done on Facebook  as it is being managed all by Jayesh himself. Going further he wants to keep it in-house rather than giving it to a social media agency. “A marketing manager will never understand an artist so he/she won’t be able to connect to my fans as the way I can.”

I agree and wish that all startups believe the same. With such a great community sprouting on Facebook, I thought of reviewing their work on Facebook.

Cool Things on Quirk Box Facebook Page:

1. Landing page is really tempting and colorful like Quirk Box. Apart from this how about giving an incentive to a fan when someone likes the page. It will definitely create some buzz :). Today Facebook allows you to like your content and comment without liking your page. So give a fan an incentive to like your page.

2. Full marks to content. In line with the objective and not being overdone that is also being very well appreciated by fans. Fans like human connection on a personal space like Facebook rather than a marketing message and Jayesh knows it. One can check one of the threads as a screenshot below.

Quirk box Keep's Content Fresh

3. Facebook is a beautiful, personal space and photos have always been a selling point of Facebook as a product. Quirk Box knows it well and is sharing pictures at regular intervals.

4. Conversation is really important and responding to them is the responsibility of a social media manager. Quirk Box does this brilliantly and one can see a glimpse in one of the below screenshot.

Quirk Box Engaging

5. Having events offline and tying them online is always a great way of reaching to bigger mass instantly. Quirk Box does it brilliantly. However, a few online contests at intervals could give a reason for your fans to be delighted.

It was a delight to review Quirk Box’s Facebook engagement because you are doing a great work. Carry on the good work and do let us know if you need any help.

P.S. If you are an Indian startup or SME who is engaging on social media then do give us a buzz at connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in and we would be happy to review you.