Quikr Builds An Army Of Films To Encourage Mass Adoption Of Quikr Nxt

For promoting Quikr Nxt, Quikr has been launching humorous ad films highlighting the voice chat, number privacy and other features, that are fun as well as informative


The challenge for internet companies in India has always been about making a shift in consumer behavior in a country that is eventually going digital. They may provide the most convenient way for people to connect online but encouraging reluctant masses to start transacting online is the first and the most difficult hurdle every online business has to face.

Most of the brand communication for online classifieds website Quikr has been around its benefits over traditional classifieds options. This year, the brand has given multiple reasons with ‘Quikr Nxt’. This January, Quikr had announced the launch of this new feature that allows buyers and sellers to chat using the website or mobile app. Sellers can opt to make their listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site. The only thing that is known is their Quikr ID.

Besides solving personal concerns regarding having your number listed on a website and increasing the chances of receiving spam calls, Quikr Nxt also offers the convenience of voice chat for those who hate texting or can’t. And, that’s not all. One can also send as many photos as they want through the new chat feature to buyers who are looking for more.

Quikr Nxt also stores chat history enabling sellers to remember what price they had quoted to which buyer. All in all, the new feature solves multiple pain points for existing users as well as encourages first time users.

So, how has the brand been communicating that? Quikr has been creating a series of entertaining, educational, informative ad films to promote Quikr Nxt, for digital as well as television. Each of the ads showcase one of its important features with a splash of humour.

This 25-second film depicts a real life situation to highlight how chat history can help. The over dramatization adds the much-needed humour quotient, especially when quoting rent, selling price, etc to keep track of the negotiation.

The guy here exemplifies sellers’ frustration of having to repeat the same thing over and over to buyers’ calls after placing an ad.

The ‘Don’t become a tape recorder’ film is a recent addition like the one about number privacy to the rescue. Both have been overtly dramatised but communicate the message well. A fictional call center called ‘All India Call Center’ is really happy when a seller is seen entering his phone number but soon get disappointed.

In this film highlighting the ‘Voice chat’ facility, we see a grandfather has bought a new bike for his grandson, leaving the father very surprised. When he learns that he sold off his old car through chat, he was even more surprised at how the old man did it when he couldn’t even SMS. The film then moves to the time when he had cracked the deal by availing the voice chat feature of Quikr Nxt.

These films have been doing the rounds on television as well as being shared on Quikr’s social media pages. Apart from that, there is a series of demo films each for explaining how to ‘Direct Chat’, ‘Voice Chat’ and ‘Number privacy’ on Quikr YouTube. Here’s the demo film for Quikr Nxt:

On social media, the communication focuses on the message with the help of situations and visuals.

Quikr Nxt seems to be the one answer for many concerns, each of which have been addressed to and communicated well in the ad films created by Scarecrow Communications.