Online classifieds site, Quikr rolled out a new brand identity last week. A new logo and a new tagline ‘Aasaan Hai Badalna’ are part of the brand repositioning exercise, symbolising its successful rise to market leadership in the Indian classifieds industry and new vertical categories.

The new tagline “Aasaan Hai Badalna” (it’s easy to change) arises from the belief that change is essential and even the smallest of change has a multiplier effect that can bring big positive change in one’s life. As per a company statement, the new logo and brand identity were crafted by Alok Nanda & Company. Talking about the new logo, Alok Nanda, CEO of Alok Nanda and Company said, “From a design perspective, the ‘Q’ in Quikr is a designer’s dream and has been fashioned to suggest positive change in its users’ lives.”

He added that the logo retains the blue and green colours for which the company is recognised and the new font is contemporary, yet sleek with a sense of speed which is integral to the name Quikr.

The rebranding exercise has been rolled out on the social media front; the classifieds site has been asking people to change the way they look at change. On Twitter, Quikr launched a hashtag contest #AasaanHaiBadalna, asking people what is that one thing they would like to change in their lives. Folks with the most inspiring tweets could win Amazon gift vouchers every day in the five-day contest.

Participants needed to follow the Twitter handle of Quikr and also retweet and favourite all their tweets to be eligible for the contest. Understandably, the hashtag got trending on Twitter India trends!

A rebranding without a story

Quikr would need to invest a lot more on social media than a hashtag-trending contest to establish its new identity on digital. If the idea is to inspire bringing about change in peoples’ lives through the use of its platform, the start is a good one as a conversation trigger and to trend on Twitter, but would need a stronger base to the rebranding story.

When Quikr introduced ‘Quikr Nxt’, a messaging based classifieds experience, earlier this year, the brand rolled out a series of hilarious films that were informative as well as educational to showcase each of its vital features. The stories in each short ad film made for a memorable recall. Read “Quikr Builds An Army Of Films To Encourage Mass Adoption Of Quikr Nxt.”

A similar storytelling seems to be missing in the rebranding exercise on digital. It could start with sharing more of those adorable doodles demonstrating how a little change in habit can bring positivity in our lives. It could create customized doodles for its fans based on the changes they have promised to make. There need to be digital films talking about the rebranding story. And, I’m hoping that’s on the cards soon!