PyjamaParty Building A Community On Facebook[CaseStudy]

PyjamaParty Building A Community On Facebook[CaseStudy]


Who doesn’t love to party? Its one life and we should live it the way we want. Although partying is great for the guests, it is quite a hassle for the host as she has to run to all corners to organize and get required party stuff. Well, that has changed at least in Pune. We now have PyjamaParty, a cool startup based in Pune that provides everything you require for your party. Now isn’t that a brillant idea? Suppose you want to organize a Bollywood party, you just need to call up PyjamaParty to deliver all the required things to make it a ‘page 3’ party.

Like all others, Geetika Chhatpar faced the usual hassles that come with organizing a party. So she went ahead to solve this pain point by creating PyjamaParty which has an uber cool website too. With this, it is also trying to create a presence on social media. I spoke with Geetika over the phone to understand the various networks they have a presence on and what has been the objective so far. She replied that:

We have presence on Facebook and Twitter but Facebook has been our main network for engagement with fans. We don’t have an ecommerce model on our website but we use Facebook for displaying our products. So we are using social media for creating awareness and also to generate sales. Response has been great in terms of talking to fans and generating business too.

Using Facebook in terms of awareness and generating sales is a great idea and I believe going further you may just have a social commerce application forgetting the ecommerce. These efforts by Geetika for PyjamaParty excited me enough to review their Facebook fan page engagement.

PyjamaParty Facebook Presence:

PyjamaParty with a fan base of more than six hundred fans has great numbers to begin with. The fan base has grown because of the business model and the content being shared by PyjamaParty. However, PyjamaParty can imbibe the below tips to help grow its community and increase its fan base:

1. The landing page is missing from the Facebook fan page; one can use free apps such as ShortStack, Pagemodo or use Photoshop to create a banner and upload it. Make sure that you also give reasons as to ‘WHY’ a fan should join your fan page and ‘WHAT’ is he going to get by joining it. So be creative and make use of the landing page as a way to welcome your fans.

2. Apart from this, you can display all the cool party items that you have, depending on themes as an app on Facebook. Let’s say this month your app will have all Christmas and New Year party items on display. So these items will have a description and a price tag attached too. Even though you don’t have an ecommerce model, you can create a make-shift model like this. You can also decorate your entire page, it’s content and contests based on the varied themes you plan for every month. I believe this could help in increasing engagement levels and sales too.

3. Being active on social media helps and Facebook is not an exception. Be real on your fan page and post regular helpful updates. PyjamaParty is doing the same so carry on the good work. May be more of pictures with status messages can help as most of the time we love colorful things. So give a good mix of both.

4. Engagement with fans on social media is a must and it can be increased by using ‘Questions’ too. Social media is a great way of doing research so use them and try to find out what your fans want from you. One of the ideas could be asking your fans to share their lovely pictures of parties and see if you can reward them. People love to show their things and with a bit of reward and appreciation, engagement levels can soar up. However, when you are organizing contests on Facebook, make sure you follow the Facebook guidelines.

5. Finally monitoring is a must on social media. So keep checking how your small campaigns are performing either via Facebook insights or Google Analytics. This will help you to understand what works for your community and what doesn’t.

Geetika, carry on the good work and I wish you all the best for your startup, PyjamaParty. If you have any doubts then please give us a shout as we are here to help you.

P.S. If you are an Indian startup or SME who is engaging on social media then do give us a buzz at connect[at]lighthouseinsights[dot]in and we would be happy to review you.