PVR Cinemas Facebook Campaign [CaseStudy]

PVR Cinema recently organized 'The PVR Film Quotient Quiz' contest on Facebook which helped them create buzz and a bunch of happy fans


A case study of the PVR Cinemas Facebook campaign designed for creating buzz and increasing its fan base, executed by social media agency AliveNow.

PVR Limited is a premium entertainment company in India and has been the pioneering name in the multiplex revolution in India. The journey of PVR began in 1997 and today they are a premium Multiplex Cinema Exhibition Company.

Today PVR is not only present offline but has made sure to catch the social media bus early. The brand made its debut on Facebook last year post Christmas and now has more than 81K fans on Facebook. One of the reasons has been the brand’s involvement in conducting various contests for fans and one such contest was “The PVR Film Quotient Quiz”.

Objective of the Facebook campaign

The brand wanted to do something special for movieholics on Facebook and the best way it thought of doing it was to ask fans. PVR fans were asked about what kind of contests would interest them and also what incentive will make them participate in the contest. Most of the fans had a consensus that the brand should have quiz contests related to the movie and the cast. For goodies there was a unanimous decisions of giving free tickets.

Facebook campaign strategy

The brand accepted what the fans said and to create maximum buzz, the brand created a Facebook contest which challenged the knowledge of movie buffs. A Facebook app was designed for this and fans had to score full marks to receive a free PVR movie ticket.

Results of the Facebook campaign:

The results were promising for the brand as the objective of the campaign was to create buzz and make fans earn the movie tickets eventually making them happy. According to the data provided by AliveNow, the contest got more than 250 entries in first six hours and overall there were more than 2000 entries. Out of which, 250 entries walked away with free movie tickets.

The campaign also helped the brand’s fan base grow by more than 15,000 in 3 weeks and also obtained more than 500,000 page views.

How innovative was the Facebook campaign?

Love for movies is embedded inside every Indian right from his birth. PVR tapping that was a cool move! The campaign was simple and no brainer one even though it was not innovative. However, at the end of day it made fans happy. Keeping a quiz and offering free tickets was a simple contest but it made sure that fans earn for the freebie.

You want to make your community happy and what better than giving a free movie ticket!  AliveNow has shared a cool video that they have made for the campaign. Do have a look and let us know how the brand could innovate next time when it is conducting such contests.

P.S. Slider Image Courtesy: http://www.udaipurblog.com