Punjab University Students Use Facebook, WhatsApp As Last Minute Election Campaign Tools

A day before elections, student organisations at Punjab University are using social networking tools like Facebook and WhatsApp to reach out to a larger student population.

Social media is transforming into an essential tool along with offline campaigning during elections. As per the Lyngdoh Committee rules, the parties are supposed to end the campaigning 48 hours before election time. During this idle period which could be crucial for elections, student organizations at Punjab University are using social networking platforms like Facebook and mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp to reach out to their prospective voters, reports The Indian Express.

Punjab University social media

In the last 48 hours both mediums are providing a big help since the Indian youth is seen to be quite active on Facebook as well as WhatsApp. Facebook, the world’s largest social network has more than 82 million users in the country and is also the most popular network. At the same time mobile messaging app WhatsApp is witnessing 20 million users from the country.

Arwinder Singh, PUSU President from SD College, Sector 32 shared with Indian Express that social media has become an alternative tool for campaigning in the last 48 hours. He also added that WhatsApp has helped him to reach out a new bunch of students whom he has never met. All thanks to his friends who have extended his message with the help of the popular messaging app.

In fact same thoughts were shared by Ashna Singh, Vice President at Government College for Girls Sector 11. Ashna created a Facebook Event (Indian Express reported it as a Facebook page) three days back urging students to come and vote even though it is a working day. The election that is going to happen tomorrow has got the confirmation from 34 out the 48 invited via the social network. She further adds that,

“Technically, we had only Sunday to campaign in the college, so social media is the best and the most useful medium. I could forward my message to all those who don’t even know the names of the candidates. I am already getting a good response from all the girls, especially my batch-mates, of whom I am sure will turn up to vote for me.”

This trend is again going to catch up with the big elections coming closer where we would see the major politicians go one-on-one by next year. Social media will witness lots of campaigning and controversies like this. Use of it during the last 48 hours could see a peak but then expecting quick results from social media will be as good as expecting a miracle.

Image courtesy: Indian Express