Pune Based Startup Let’s Ride Is A Social Network That Helps You To Ride Together

Web app review of Pune based startup Let's Ride which is a social network that allows you to ride together


Sharing a ride has been a cost-effective concept since ages. As a kid I have seen office goers share their cars to save on petrol and to have fun too. A great concept that is much required in today’s time. If all such people get into a community so that they are not only available for office rides but also for weekend trips where one can find many more going the same way, it would be really useful. Taking this as a problem that needed to be solved, Let’s Ride social network came into existence.


Let’s Ride takes the joint riding thinking ahead and marries it with the features of social networking. Obviously one wouldn’t love to take a ride to work or to any other part of the city with a stranger. The startup is the brain child of Rajkumar Mundel, an electronics engineer from Pune, who has bootstrapped to start the venture.

Creating rides

The site allows you to sign in through multiple social logins from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn. Besides if you are not cool to share your social details then you have the choice of going forward with a simple email login. I went with the Facebook login; since I was logging in for the first time I had to fill certain details, but these could have been picked up from Facebook. Anyway after that you end up in the below screen to start your rides.


One can start with creating new ride details and publish it. The site takes care of who can see the details too i.e. you can limit the reach of the update to a certain set of people. A much required feature in today’s world.

Lets_Ride_New_ride_puneIf you are not interested to create a ride at the moment then you can click on different streams such as Stories, Rides, Ride Photos and Pages. Stories are the news feed that lists all the activity of your network. Rides give you the details of the rides that are happening and Ride Photos are images from the rides, if users have uploaded. Right now you might not find a lot of activity as the network is still growing.

Pages and building the network

Besides all these features – Pages is an interesting development from the startup that allows you to create pages that you can like and build a community. A feature that most of the networking sites have and it would be interesting to know more from Rajkumar on how does he want to grow this feature in the near future.

While you can build your profile and check your social graph to know about the connections you can grow your network by following people who are active on the network. This will not only help you to connect with more people but also get to know more about the various rides happening in a particular city.

How effective is Let’s Ride and what is missing?

After spending a good amount of time on the network, I can say the simple web solution does its job. The design is simple and at the moment has no glitches. The startup is trying to get like-minded folks and make them ride together, which could be useful for office goers as well as college kids.

But why not have a mobile app for this kind of a solution? Considering the world is rapidly adopting mobile for most of it’s on the go needs, it would be a great idea if the startup can invest on an Android app to start with.  Besides the service that Lets Ride is catering to, is on the go kind of a service that would be great if it is driven by mobile.

Going further Let’s Ride could be helpful if it works locally. I have seen the use of hashtags being made already but Lets Ride can spike if it works on mobile and local as a solution.

An ideal scenario could be - suppose I want to go to Deccan in Pune around 6 PM today, I will open the mobile app, look around the area and find if someone is traveling at the same time. Once I get someone I can connect with the person and join the ride. We can make the app use mobile number for identification so that it is secure and if there is any change in the plan, I can quickly share a message. I am sure the team might be already working on the same!

So next time if you don’t want to ride alone and want to share a ride with your community then why not give Let’s Ride a spin.