How The Glitch Achieved High Engagement Rates For PUMA During The World Cup With #SillyPoint

Case study by the Glitch for PUMA in which the agency brought alive the World cup through the brand's perspective, while also generating higher engagement rates

The Client

PUMA is one of the world’s leading sports brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Cricket, Running, Training & Fitness, Golf, and Motorsports.

The Agency

Founded in 2009 by Varun Duggirala and Rohit Raj “The Glitch” has delivered several innovative campaigns over the years. Managing close to 50 accounts across industries and platforms including Lakme, Whisper, Puma, Hyatt, Pears, Cornetto, Set Wet amongst others. Today, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, The Glitch is a name to reckon with in the creative arena. We are a fast-evolving creative consultancy which has grown impressively in the digital media sphere.

B2B digital campaign awards 2015

Problem Statement

As PUMA is always known for its unique campaigns during peak sports season, this Cricket World Cup 2015 was another opportunity to do just that. PUMA wanted to take forward the already existing campaign of #SillyPoint which was previously used for IPL previous year. Our digital mandate was to take #SillyPoint to a benchmark much higher that its own and also higher than most of our competitors.

PUMA #SillyPoint comprised of celebrating moments, victories, facts and much more through the eyes of PUMA and the fans with our quirky yet humorous creatives in the name of #SillyPoint. As every match had its own story to tell, we wanted to bring alive the highlighting moments during the entire season happening during every match and share it with our fans in real time in an engaging manner under the name of PUMA #SillyPoint. Our key marketing challenge was to do better than our competitors when it came to engagement with fans and take #SillyPoint to a notch higher.

Identified Objectives

Every match during the World Cup, however big or small has its own unique moments that becomes the highlight of the match and makes the entire tournament memorable and exciting. As we all go by watching and discussing these moments with friends and fellow colleagues, we thought how about celebrating these with humorous creatives and sharing it with the fans and inviting fans to do just the same for every match.

And we managed to make the entire World Cup tournament a memorable one for our fans and ourselves. When we started the World Cup, we wanted to tell a story. 1- From the eyes of PUMA 2- From the eyes of the fans. While our competitors did not focus on the engagement with the fans factor, we tried to focus more on that to identify our objectives.


From the eyes of PUMA, we shared the PUMA perspective on every day of the World Cup, bringing alive the World Cup with #SillyPoint. We knew that every match had a context and some of them were relived through the eyes of players past and present with #TippingPoint. With our athletes actually bringing alive what we stand for and their accomplishments brought to life with #ForeverFasterPUMA.

PUMA tippingpoint

And the fans loved it! We also wanted to cultivate the puma way in our fans. From the eyes of the fans …We asked fans to give their quirky take on the World Cup #PUMATimeOut. But our big moment was yet to come…With the loss to Australia, Indian fans were definitely not going to support them in the finals. What better way to get people talking, than an open letter from the NZ captain Brendon McCullum? Calling all Indian fans to support NZ in the finals!


  • On Facebook - 150k+ Likes, 20k+ Shares.
  • On Twitter - 2000+ Retweets, 5000+ Favourites, Approx 15.6 million impressions.
  • On Content Platforms - 100k+ Shares, 200k+ Reads. We created the most noise at World Cup 2015.. stealing our competitors thunder.

With the success of this campaign, #SillyPoint is still being extended to this date for number of other events. But more than anything else, our objective of scoring a high engagement rate was achieved – Here are the result:

  • Engagement: 11% (ABD Quote Pic), Engagement: 10% (BanVSEng Pic), Engagement: 9% (ABD Fastest 50,10,150) and a total engagement rate of 6% on all brand posts… much higher than our competitors engagement percentage.


People love quality content on social media platforms and more so with pictures. While sharing pictures or creatives has become a common norm on platforms, what excites people more is when there’s an interesting concept wherein they get to participate and be a part of the whole campaign. Therefore, an opportunity given to the fans to participate and be a part of the campaign works better and gets more engagement rate.