Provide Value To Your Readers, Says Blogger Manish Chauhan Of Jago Investor

An interview with Blogger Manish Chauhan Of JagoInvestor about his blogging career and life till day as a blogger.


Jago Investor is a financial planning and personal finance blog teaching stuff about money and how to manage your investments. Here, we bring you views from Founder and blogger, Manish Chauhan in which he shares his blogging journey and what keeps him going strong.

When he founded the Jago Investor blog back in 2008, Manish Chauhan’s sole aim was to demystify myths regarding personal finance being rocket science. He was neither a certified finance professional nor someone seen as a ‘trusted’ source on the subject. But his passion to help others paid off and in four and a half years, his blog is amongst the top go-to sites for personal finance advice today.

It is a big myth today that Personal Finance is an area that needs fancy certifications to help others. While certification will obviously add value, Manish says it’s not at all a vital element, especially in the area of personal finance.

“Personal finance deals with common man, his regular day-to-day issues and how he should behave in his financial life, which can be learnt and explained to others in simple manner, which we do.”

The blog has close to 55,000 comments along with the ones in the forum. While this is no mean task, it does apparently involve a whole lot of dedication and perseverance to gain the reader’s trust. Manish believes that the high trust factor earned from readers has helped them tremendously.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_lhi”]The biggest thing is trust here, if you trust me , you will believe me, and when I talk in terms of facts and figures, it’s automatically authentic information and judgement.”[/pullquote]

When asked about what drives his passion even today, Manish is quick to point out that one does not need motivation to do what he/she loves because their love for work itself is motivation.

Way back in 2009, just a year into the blog, a reader contacted him for financial planning and wanted to pay him even though he was not qualified or had advertised such services. It was a time when qualified professionals were finding it tough to bag fee-paying clients. But here was a reader asking Manish to plan his finances because he trusted him. Manish charged him more fees than what is the standard even today, and there has been no looking back ever since.

This first taste of success was followed by another one when CNBC contacted him to do a book on personal finance. Manish attributes all his success to having high quality articles that are useful as well as easy to understand for his readers. Although, SEO (search engine optimization) has helped him gain more traffic, it was always good content that helped in retaining them.

Besides, the most important philosophy followed at Jago Investor is to reply to each and every comment in detail within 48 hours. In fact, the readers believe that “If I put a question, I will definitely get a reply”!

Apart from useful content and responding to their readers, Jago achieved a major milestone when it launched a Q&A platform for the readers where they could ask personal finance questions that could be answered by any one.

Along with offering multiple choices for their readers to get their financial queries solved, Manish has also used Twitter and Facebook effectively. There is no doubt that social media helps him in getting more traffic but Manish has leveraged the power of social media to also help his readers in case they have been cheated by a financial company. Here is an example with two stories illustrating how Facebook and Twitter was used and justice meted out in each case.

We asked him what he thinks about ‘Blogging for money’ as it is the usual intention behind starting a blog. Advertisements, paid services and products are some of the topmost ways to make money through blogs, said Manish. One can’t deny that blogging has money in it, but Manish shares that one cannot start with that motive, else the motive itself will not let the blog develop.

“A lot of bloggers do not understand that if they blog consistently and provide lot of value to their readers, they are actually creating a big market for their services for future. There will always be some part of your community who would like to pay you and go to next level. I market my book to my readers and almost 95% books which are sold are bought by my community only.” 

That said, Manish has achieved a deeper contentment that goes beyond money. We leave you with his thought-provoking words:

“I love when I see how many peoples’ lives are getting changed by what I write; personal finance is the core of someone’s financial life and things are related to money matters. If someone controls that, his overall life can have improvement. 

I get a thanks message each day and that keeps me going on.”