Producer Abhay Deol Is All Set To Release His Film One By Two On Facebook For International Audience Only

Bollywood actor-producer Abhay Deol has decided to release his upcoming flick 'One By Two' internationally on Facebook on Friday.

One By Two Facebook Bollywood Film

Abhay Deol, Bollywood actor who is known for his offbeat roles, has tried his hands in production with the latest flick, One By Two. According to reports, Abhay has decided to release his upcoming romantic and comedy Hindi movie ‘One By Two’ internationally today on Facebook. The movie that is expected to release in theaters today in India will be the first ever film to be released on Facebook, not even Hollywood films have tried something like this before.

It is being said that the producers of the movie have struck a deal with Facebook. Abhay added that, “One By Two will officially be the first film worldwide to premiere internationally on Facebook.”

However there is a small catch to the news – while global audiences will get to view the film on social media, Indian audiences will have to watch the movie in theaters, as access to the online version will be blocked in the country.

According to the producers of the movie, the decision to block ‘One by two’ in India has been made to protect the interests of theaters running the film in India. “Cinema consumers outside India can enjoy the film on its release day. This is also a bold step to counter piracy by giving the discerning consumer a clear legal choice,” Ajit Andhare, COO, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures said.

However there isn’t any update about the movie’s international Facebook release on any of the official social media accounts of the movie or on Abhay Deols Facebook page. Besides there is no update on how would international users watch the movie on Facebook. We have contacted the One By Two team and will update once we hear from them.

The move is an interesting one considering the recent controversy Abhay and the giant record label T-Series had over the way music rights have worked in the country. Highlighting the common practice on his Facebook page, Abhay shared that,

“It is a common practice that music labels like T-series expect musicians to sign a contract with a clause that is restrictive for the latter. However, it is the film’s producer’s responsibility to make the music composers of his film sign the said contract with the label which buys the rights of the music.”

As a producer, Abhay felt that such a contract was illegal and limiting for the musicians and encouraged One By Two’s composers to not sign such an agreement. As a result, a miffed T-Series refused to promote and market the film’s music.

Against the exploitation of artists, he finally got the music out by 26th January just a few days before its movie release by Crecendo and Unisys. Obviously the marketing of the movie took a hit but the Bollywood star stood by his terms and ensured his fight is heard by the industry; he walked the red carpet at the Screen Awards by sporting a black eye in protest.

Now releasing his movie on social media for the international audience is a bold step to counter privacy. But it would be worth noting how the experiment is implemented via Facebook. The producers wouldn’t want a good copy of the movie to be uploaded on torrent sites due to the Facebook premier.

Are we going to see this as a new trend and will the big production houses walk the road and forget their overseas revenues? Tough!