Priyanka From HighHeelConfidential Shares About Blogging

Priyanka from HighHeelConfidential Shares About Blogging

Today, we bring you another story of two friends who started blogging on a whim and have now an established desi fashion blog. We are talking about Payal and Priyanka from HighHeelConfidential, a blog that offers a discussion platform for all lovers of desi fashion. So how exactly did they win readers, gain credibility and overcome hurdles along the way? Let’s find out…


Payal & Priyanka

1. Can you share the ‘HighHeelConfidential’ story and what kept you guys going for so long?

We started blogging in 07. When we started, there weren’t many (if any at all) doing what we do, covering Indian fashion with a celebrity heavy angle. The readers didn’t come immediately but we’ve seen the readership grow steadily since. The only reason why we’ve been able to keep at it so long is only because we are very passionate about our blog and what we do. We’ve always maintained that this is Fun for us and we’ll keep at it till the day it stops being Fun. Not that we see that happening any time soon!

2. From fun blogging, you have turned into noted Fashion Bloggers’ being featured in and writing columns for prestigious fashion magazines. Can you share the sweat stuff into creating such authenticity for yourselves?

We’ve always stayed true to ourselves and our own personal taste. Our blog’s biggest appeal may lie in the fact that it’s just two non-fashion people sharing their perspective. The fact that we blog every single day and keep the content fresh, updated and current helps. Also, we make sure the content stays ‘Fashion’ focused and are very careful to not venture in to the tabloid territory. All the lil’ things help build credibility.

3. How do you as a blogger manage to give fresh, high-quality content regularly? Any magic potions?

No magic potions unfortunately, just a lot of hard work. We used to always joke, if there is wi-fi, we’ll work. Turns out, not a joke! 🙂

4. Along with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc., we now have a bunch of social sharing buttons too. How much has social sharing helped you in promoting your blog as compared to earlier?

Social networks go a long way in getting the reach and help building upon the brand that goes beyond just the blog content. Twitter has made immediate interaction with people across the board possible which at time includes actresses, stylists and magazine editors apart from the readers which now really is irreplaceable.

5. Bloggers are entitled to their views. Have you ever been criticized for your views on a celeb’s outfit or have got into trouble with a celeb with any of your posts?

Absolutely. Most celebrities know it’s fashion and not personal and are very, very sporty about it. Others, not so much. But then, it’s expected; can’t win ’em all!

6. Fans are often very touchy about ‘their’ celebrities. How do you handle negative sentiments expressed by such passionate fans?

Thank god for fully stocked bars! 😉 No matter whose look we like or dislike, we’ve always been accused of bias… We’ve heard it all but it really doesn’t bother us. We instead feel flattered that people actually care enough about our opinion to accuse us of bias! And hey, everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

7. If not HighHeelConfidential, what would it have been for you guys?

At this point, it’s even hard to imagine.


For any blog to survive, not only do you have to feed it every day but also keep out the weeds! Personally, I find gaining credibility as the biggest challenge for a niche blogger, hence sticking to the objective, bringing the latest content and being neutral to your readers’ opinions are definitely best practices. And the point about Twitter is also noteworthy, I can’t think of any other medium that provides instant access to just about anyone on the web!

So in case you have a blog and are wondering how to increase your readership without hosting contests or giving away free goodies, then these responses have quite a few pointers to start with. Do let us know what are your favourites?