Preetham Venkky Shares His Thoughts On #AdtechIn

An article that covers the synopsis of two days of #adtechin with viewpoints from Preetham Venkky

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Preetham Venkky

People who attended Adtech India must be still taking time to come out of it. Since I couldn’t make it to the event, I thought of getting a first hand review from someone who has attended the event and has also been there last year. Preetham Venkky was glad to speak to me over the phone last night to share his thoughts on the event, what he liked and what could have been better at Adtech India. If you were one of those who were following the event offline via Twitter  like I was, then you couldn’t have missed laughing reading Preetham’s humorous and at the same time blunt tweets.

I think every one who was following or attending the event will have a consensus on two things that were prominent in this year’s Adtech India -

1. Social is the way ahead

2. And engagement is the key in a rational way

Preetham also agreed that last two days 23rd and 24th February were the days that had lot of people discussing about how and why to be social. Preetham added that:

Value and the depth in the discussions were missing. Apart from two keynotes, rest all were quite not up to the mark and I felt the panel discussion on social commerce was enchanting. The only reason was the sheer presence of Kirthiga Reddy. Apart from that the case studies that were shared mostly in last two days were the same old ones which we all are quite aware of.

I have always felt that for any discussion that has relevant examples and case studies with comprehensive insightful data will always stand out and be liked by the audience. Preetham who has been vouching for two things prominently this year- 1) Social and 2) Mobile which he also had shared in our year end articles with us, were also the cornerstones of discussions at Adtech.

As I had shared before with you that Social and Mobile are the poster boys for 2012 and I was happy to see lot of discussions surrounding it during the event. That makes me more bullish.

Pete Blackshaw

Indeed Preetham and I think considering India, a constructive mobile ecosystem will play a dominant role from 2012 onwards. Apart from the generic feeling I was curious to know which were the two keynotes that you liked and what was special about it.

I felt that the presentation given by Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Nestle was a good one. He shared in-depth insights about the strategy, case studies, numbers and all in all it was comprehensive, interesting insight from Nestle. Pete did share some interesting thoughts and the Twitter timeline of Adtech India was telling that.

His 3 pillars are very relevant for any brand and the case study that he shared about the ‘Switch On’ campaign was really good to know. We had also covered the same, relevant to the Facebook engagement on our blog that was being driven from the campaign.

The other talk that I thought was really well shared was from Shiv Singh, Global Head, Digital, PepsiCo. The talk was quite knowledgeable and it was more surrounded around best practices and trend discussions, which any way would have been helpful for Indian digital guys.

Absolutely Preetham, I had followed the discussions on MediaNama and AFAQS, which covered his in-depth keynote, and I particularly liked the various aspects he

shiv singh

touched upon apart from Facebook and Twitter. Some of them were:

1. Human connect with consumer

2. Challenge of huge data and making worthwhile content

3. Six points about data in the real time world - social data, trend data, digital ad data, interaction data, CRM data and advocacy data.

4. Finally Shiv touching upon how a brand needs to perform the roles of being an observer, curator, and creative besides the sponsor was a great thought. As a matter of fact Pete also touched upon similar thoughts.

Apart from the data and great thoughts from speakers at Adtech that were flooding my timeline, one another thought that was doing the rounds was Facebook Commerce. I was surprised when people were still saying it is the future when we have recently read the news of closures of stores from GAP, Gamestop , etc. on Facebook. I asked the same question to Preetham and since he is very fascinated about Facebook I also asked him to share his thoughts.

It is too early to say that Facebook Commerce is dead but then we have to remember that it is also a social place. It is a challenge and more because as Facebook now doesn’t have any product to support commerce. However I would also like to mention here that business owners just took their offline shop and placed it on Facebook. Sorry that is not Facebook commerce and how it works. Saying that I still feel that it has great chances to bounce back.

Commerce is really a delicate aspect to deal with when you are in a social space. Ben Edelman had shared the same thoughts during WAT that Facebook is not a place for selling but a place for socializing. A debate that can go on but then I have also believed that commerce if weaved socially can do wonders, may not be a purchase at that moment but may be a recall later.

kirthiga reddy

Along with Facebook Commerce, Social Commerce did lot of buzz during the second day and why wouldn’t it when you have Kirthiga Reddy among the panelist. I had some fun pulling Preetham’s leg on why did he especially like this panel considering his fascination towards Facebook.

Nothing like that but in general the panelist discussion was quite interesting compared to other discussions because there was an opening act from Kirthiga. Like she asked why do businesses have login pages when you have Facebook connect and she also shared some interesting thoughts about Facebook open graph and some of the latest product of Facebook which was an eye opener for most of the crowd. In short her presence was extremely valued.

Facebook is exciting leastwise to India for now after the recent growth of users in the country and that should bring smile on the faces of the digital and social marketing guys. Finally Preetham your thoughts on the overall event and any feedback you would love to give to Adtech India so that they work on it next time.

Let me first tell you it was a fantastic team effort and great place to be. I have enjoyed my last two days listening and networking with some of the interesting people of the industry. Saying that I would also like if the team at Adtech could have indulged into discussions with panelists before and could have curated content accordingly. Indulging into discussion with the panelist on the same day is not a smart way”.

Adtech was an industry event and the fact that it was trending for close to two days on Twitter is the answer. Thanks Preetham for sharing your thoughts at a time when you should have been coolly enjoying a drink and chit chatting :) Hopefully next time Adtech happens in India, I would be out there brainstorming with you and bringing more exciting thoughts.