Radical Bytes By Prashant Kohli - Digital Campaigns That Challenge The Ordinary

Prashant Kohli, in his first bimonthly column piece 'Radical Bytes' shares his thoughts about amazing global digital campaigns like Volkswagen Trailer Assist, #ICan’tCompromise and more

Editor’s Note: Prashant Kohli, a creative soul and Head of brand strategy at The Glitch starts a bi-monthly column at LI with an intention to share his thoughts about global digital campaigns that win hearts and challenge the ordinary. Opinions expressed in this post are the author’s personal views.

I remember watching an interview by Aaron Swartz in my twenties. While this boy was a few years younger to me, his ideas about the digital world were wild, radical but most importantly honest. He quickly became one of my idols along-with the founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee. Reading their blogs, and watching them talk made me realize one thing: While the digital world was theoretically infinite, limited only by the “Affordable Bandwidth”, what was limited though was the time a person could spend on the Internet, in turn limiting the information one could consume. Another thing that massively impacts what one consumes is what the big information consolidators like Google & Facebook choose to publish.

In today’s day and age while what you consume is defined by your web and social networking footprints, but it still is “chosen” for you. Now, I don’t intend to drag this piece towards the Freedom of Internet and Right to Choose etc. etc. (That’s an article I would request Lighthouse to let me do another day), but the point that I am trying to make is this:

We as creators make crazy amount of content on a daily basis (Just count the number of Tweets your agency sends out every week), not all of which has enough media backing behind it to reach the masses as we would like it to, but often enough there are streaks of creative brilliance which despite of not having huge dollars and rupees pushed behind them, make people stop and take notice.

These might not be hugely popular, they might not win mainstream awards and accolades, but they do make everyone who watches them smile, and they definitely inspire the creative minds.

This piece is an attempt to bring to forefront these thumb-stoppers of the mobile age. The ones that drive innovation and progressive thought, in technology, in story-telling, in life.

So here’s to the Radical Bytes: “May you keep winning our hearts and firing our imagination”

Before you go on reading about these gems, a small request, if you have any thoughts, arguments, opinions or ideas, do share it with me in the comments section or email me at [email protected]. Nothing stirs creativity like a good argument. 

Volkswagen Trailer Assist

When the brand wants to showcase something as functional as “Trailer Parking Assist”, the creative minds are bound to look at the account leads and say, “Not another fancy 3D animation with light swipes and swoosh sound effects”. (video added at top)

But in this case, the minds decided to not stop at the obvious solution. Now, it might seem like an inspiration from Volvo, but it shows that inspiration from right sources used smartly can help you strike “Creative Gold”.

Well-done Volkswagen for delivering so much customer delight. This one’s bound to make everyone smile.


Penningtons, the plus sized clothing brand recently launched more than a campaign. #ICan’tCompromise aims to be a movement celebrating body confidence and self-acceptance.

Launched with a video “Who says plus sized women can’t do yoga” and filtering across their digital assets, the campaign for sure has serious power. It builds on a very strong human truth “Love Your Body” and is extremely well tied with the brand promise. The creative execution is excellent with a very powerful video.

The only thing one could ask from this campaign is a little more.

P.S: This video has a stellar soundtrack. I would love to have it on my playlist.

Back2Pack by ELEKS

While a number of brands across the globe spend significant dollars trying to create experiences using technology, the most overused off late being Virtual Reality, not a lot of them explore the real power of VR and connectivity. What they usually end up is publishing a case study for a ridiculously expensive experience they delivered to a handful of people.

Enter a little known Ukranian Software company (http://b2p.eleks.com/) to deliver the first multiscreen VR game. This nifty little experiences connects across devices and uses 360 video as well as Tilt video technologies to create first of it’s kind gaming experience. And not surprisingly they landed themselves an FWA.

Domino’s UK arrives on Snapchat in style

Food giants like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King etc. have been doing a pretty decent job on social. But when it comes to using platforms to delight customers, Domino’s leads the pack by a few miles and a lot of Pizza emojis.

And they are back once again, this time arriving on Snapchat in style. Domino’s U.K. launched “Dough to Door” a movie with clues hidden in it, as a Snapchat story which ran on the platform for 24 hours. The movie charts the journey of a pizza boy on his way to complete a delivery, and ends up in middle of an alien invasion (Aliens & Zombies somehow always seem to find a way to disrupt pizza deliveries). Viewers have to crack these clues to get a discount code for online ordering. Not a bad gratification at all for watching a movie.

What are you going to cook up next Domino’s?

Till next time, here’s a thought from Internet’s own boy:

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity”- Aaron Swartz