Portico India Connects With The Youth Through ‘The Great Indian Pillow Fight’ On Facebook

Review of Portico India's Facebook campaign - The Great Indian Pillow Fight, where one can throw pillows at their friends, score points and win prizes


Portico, one of India’s leading brands in the bed and bath furnishings category, has launched an exciting campaign to promote its new youth collection of contemporary and bold designs. In keeping with the free spirit of the youth, the premium home fashion brand hosted pillow fights on college grounds, where youngsters were given a free rein to attack their friends with pillows. One such fight happened at Sophia college grounds during its annual festival, Kaleidoscope last week. The fight saw scores of happy crowds hurling and wrestling with pillows.

The spirit has also been carried forward online through a Facebook pillow fight called ‘The Great Indian Pillow Fight’ with cool prizes on offer. Participants have to choose a friend from their friends list and fight with Portico’s virtual pillows. Every hit could give you either positive or negative points. The top 3 winners get daily prizes of Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 1,000 each. Top 3 scorers at the end of the activity will be awarded a PS3 500 GB, Sony Xperia U and Canon PowerShot A1400 Point & Shoot.

The Great Indian Pillow Fight

You can join ‘The Great Indian Pillow Fight’ through a Facebook app designed by Brand Design, on the Portico India page. Like the page to get started. Strangely, the app asks for a mobile number to register with.


Start by choosing a friend from the list who you want to fight and then your weapon from a number of different pillows like the memory foam pillow, bamboo charcoal pillow to green tea and allergy guard pillow. I chose the bamboo charcoal pillow and a friend to begin with. The rules are simple: Whack maximum pillows on your opponent within 1 minute, but make sure you whack at the right places. While the head or body gets you 10 points, a whack on the arms or legs can fetch you only 4 points. But, remember not to miss, as you could lose 6 points for every miss.

The challenge is the constantly popping opponent from any nook or corner of the room. It took me a while to get perfect hits and make my score all within a minute, but the best part if you can play the game multiple times to better your score!

There are options to invite your friends and a leaderboard section listing all the top scorers.

How cool is it?

Although not a unique concept on Facebook, the Great Indian pillow fight by Portico has been well designed and executed. Moreover, it aligns with the brand’s  objective to connect with the youth. What better way than a pillow fight for a brand to engage the young target audience for promoting its all new stylish bedding collection designed especially for them. The offline connection in the form of real pillow fights at college festivals together with its online avatar in the form of a Facebook app, will further add to the visibility and connect.

Social media promotions can be seen on the Portico India Facebook page with its 53K strong fan base. Images from the college festival and the daily winners have been shared on the wall along with posts inviting fans to participate. The Twitter handle has also leveraged the network for an increased visibility, asking users to tweet with #PillowFightDay while sharing who they want to have a pillow fight with.

The Great Indian Pillow Fight comes across as a fun campaign on Facebook, but could do better without the mobile number registration. Firstly, I do not see a need for taking mobile numbers, and secondly, most users are not comfortable with sharing their mobile numbers on Facebook.

Also a Facebook pillow fight has been seen before, as the social network provides a best fit to host fun pillow fights amongst friends. In a re-branding exercise, Accor owned ibis brand family of economy hotels had hosted a Facebook pillow fight, but that did not involve actual pillow whacking like Portico’s did.

Do give it a shot and let us know your views on the campaign.