Pond’s India Gets You To Be Selfie Ready With #PondsSelfieReady Campaign

Pond’s India has launched the ‘Selfie Ready’ campaign for the promotions of Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream, one has to upload their selfies or share on Facebook or Twitter with #pondsselfieready for a chance to feature on a Pond's billboard



It appears that ‘Selfies’ will be declared the word of the year this year too. Most brands have been leveraging the power of selfies to engage through social media, right from Dove to brand Narendra Modi, all of them seem to be cashing in on the selfie rage. For the uninitiated, ‘Selfies’ are the self-portrait photos taken by one’s camera phone or digicam, aided by a front camera made available in most devices.

The latest to join the selfie revolution is Hindustan Unilever-owned Pond’s India, the makers of skin care products for almost a century. Pond’s India has launched the ‘Selfie Ready’ campaign for the promotions of its summer face care cream –the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream. One has to upload their selfies on to the campaign website, or share on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #pondsselfieready to win big.

The six week campaign will run till the start of monsoons, after which the 30 best selfie pictures uploaded would be featured in billboards across 6 cities of India. Also, 100 participants whose selfies are selected would receive Ponds BB Selfie Ready hampers.

The campaign is accompanied by ‘The Selfie Song’ in addition to being supported with a microsite and social media buzz. The microsite  powered by Facebook  and Twitter logins, features the Selfie Wall of Fame with the uploaded selfies. One can also download the selfie song as a ringtone.

The 60-second Selfie Song has the protagonist getting ready for the day by dabbing on the BB+ cream, and being selfie ready for just about any occasion – be it at work, a friend’s wedding, a weekend party, or anywhere, she is always ready and up for a selfie. The contest has been announced on the billboard at the end of the song.

Getting selfie ready on social

Pond’s India leveraged social media to launch the selfie song and the campaign. Fans were informed that they could be a part of the Pond’s billboard, prior to announcing the ‘selfie ready’ contest. The microsite and the song was launched along with interesting visuals on ‘how to take a selfie’ and facts about selfies.

The 1.1 million strong Pond’s India Facebook and Twitter page with 5K+ followers have been buzzing with selfie conversations. The social media community has been invited to use the cream, get selfie ready, click a selfie and upload it on to the site.

Pond's selfiestory visual

Promoting BB cream with selfies

Smartphones with front cameras have empowered us to click selfies, taking away a little of our insecurities, while also enabling us to share them instantly with our social connections. Selfies have redefined what we share with our social networks to how bold is our self-expression. Naturally brands had to accommodate this new social behaviour to become a part of social conversations.

Pond’s Selfie Ready is a cool campaign to boost the culture of self-love in this social sharing age. By spreading the message that the new product helps one to be selfie ready at any given day or time, the beauty brand has ensured it has your full attention. Apart from reaching out to the beauty-conscious consumers, the campaign gains extra mileage with its association to selfies and the incentive to feature on a billboard.

The use of videos and interesting visuals has only added to the social-powered microsite for a better reach.