Pokemon Train On, Honda Acura NSX “What He Said”

Global digital campaigns that include Honda has released “What He Said”, a 30 second Super Bowl commercial featuring the new Acura NSX, The “Pokemon Train On”ad explores ambition, drive, and training, and more

JWT Singapore & Mirum launch new social media offering: J. Walter Thompson and Mirum Singapore have launched The Social Team, a new social media offering that provides clients access to digital, analytics, content, strategy and creative expertise across both agencies through one specialised team.

How VFiles is defining digital, Gen Z fashion: Quay founded VFiles, a company that primarily defines itself as a platform for emerging creatives and artists in the fashion industry, which includes designers, photographers, models and stylists. Quay refers to the brand as the “VFiles galaxy,” and it is a lot to put into a few words.

Academy Awards We All Dream in Gold: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is promoting the 2016 Oscars with “We All Dream of Gold”, an integrated advertising campaign featuring host Chris Rock and a range of actors and moviemakers.

Pokemon Train On: The “Pokemon Train On”ad, shot in Rio de Janeiro, explores ambition, drive, and training, concepts that every Pokémon Trainer is familiar with. Pokémon fans around the world will enjoy identifying all of the hidden Pokémon references in the ad.

New Facebook Policy Bans Private Gun Sales From Its Platform and Instagram: The social networking company revealed on Friday evening that it is imposing a global ban on private gun sales via its platform as well as on Instagram, the burgeoning photo-sharing app it owns. The move won’t affect licensed retailers, which can continue to market firearms on Facebook while completing transactions away from the social platform.

Acura NSX What He Said: Honda has released “What He Said”, a 30 second Super Bowl commercial featuring the new Acura NSX, set to Van Halen 1978 hit “Runnin’ With The Devil”. The all new 2017 Acura NSX is revealed in red, white and blue, a reference to the US manufacture of the two seater. Viewers are invited to see how NSX innovations run through every car made at nsx.acura.com, and create their own NSX starting on February 25.