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Google Plus, yes you have read it right and you must be thinking another blog post is talking about how great it can be or can be thought of. No, we are not here to give you gyaan on how cool is Google Plus but to bring you some interesting data that is shared on Plus Demographics, as the name suggests is a site that talks about social media numbers but they also take the credit of keeping a close look on the growth and facts about Google Plus.

12,323,340 is the number of Google Plus approximate users and now don’t debate on how many are active 😉 Give it some time guys!  The site has shared some great insights that you can check here but I am impressed by three interesting data.

1. Gender Distribution:


So after seeing the above data, I think Google India will have to push some female celebrities to get more female crowds and this is one of the key differentiators in the popularity of Facebook and Google Plus. A thought that was shared by Mahesh Murthy on his Twitter and hope he won’t mind us quoting his tweet here which actually motivated us to cover this news.

The Tweet from Mahesh

2. Age Breakdown:


This data doesn’t come as a shocker to me as youngsters today dominate the social space and Google Plus is no exception. A great data for marketers but I think there is some time before we can see brands engaging on Google Plus. We spoke about how Don2 used Google Plus as the medium of its promotion that I think should be an incentive for others.

3. Notable Users of Google Plus:


That the Dalai Lama and Sharukh Khan lead the list is of no surprise but it is great to see guys like Sumit Sen, Mahendra  Palsule, Nitin Prabhakar, Harsh Agrawal, etc. topping the list too. It shows again that social media is a space for being more social.  Sumit Sen has specifically interested me more as he has used Google Plus amazingly. Not only he is sharing some mind blowing content but also he is taking the pains to converse with his fans and I think this has made him more popular. You can check his growth chart provided by

So that is it from my side. What data did interest you and how much of your time are you active on Google Plus? Yes I am aware that the world is on Facebook and it is impossible to have too many social profiles. However would love to know what has been your thought on Google Plus, in case you have used it.

Slider Image Courtesy: The Next Web