No More Just ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’, #PlayWithOreo Inspires Playfulness In Oreo Fans

Oreo is strengthening its brand philosophy of playfulness through its global campaign 'Play with Oreo'; pop art syled visuals speak of the new campaign on social media

play with Oreo

The world’s favourite cookie brand is now getting together its act. In what comes across as a global celebration of the different ways of relishing an Oreo cookie, the brand is actually building on a single universal theme – “playfulness”. Launched globally this year, ‘Play with Oreo’ goes beyond the unique ways in which one can play with a Oreo cookie like twisting, licking, dunking, stacking or dipping the cookie; now Oreo is on a global mission to inspire imagination and play in consumers’ everyday lives.

As part of the India campaign, the brand has launched the same animated TVC as the global one created by Draft FCB, but with Indian-ized lyrics. The Hindi scriptwriter is Amitabh Bhattacharya, while the music director is Rupert Fernandes and the jingle has been sung by Anusha Mani. The animated commercials have been created in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali versions.

This 30-second commercial in Hindi celebrates both the classic ways of having an Oreo like twisting, licking or dunking it, as well as the new ways of rolling, stacking, flipping or crunching the cookie. It seems that there is no limit to imagination when it comes to playing with your Oreo.


The 360 degree campaign will run through radio, outdoor in addition to digital and social media. A website ‘Play with Oreo‘ has been built for the campaign, it offers a peak into the fun world of playfulness with Oreo from around the world. One can create Oreo cookie characters and check out the creations submitted by other Oreo fans on the site.

The campaign has been spreading the idea of playfulness in creative ways. Using a combination of doodle art and graffiti art, ‘Play with Oreo’ has set a fertile ground in association with creators. Globally, Oreo has launched the second phase of the campaign, in which it recruited 10 emerging artists from around the world to create a piece that represented the brand. #PlayWithOreo content pieces are being shared on the social media properties of the cookie brand.

Here’s a video to create Oreo pancakes:

Playfully yours

Calling ‘play’ as an integral part of Oreo’s brand philosophy, which this campaign is hoping to strengthen,  Chella Pandyan, Senior Manager, Marketing, Biscuit India and Kids Fuel AP, Mondelēz International said that it will encourage consumers to add more playfulness into their lives. Using pop art style in its brand communication, Oreo will showcase ‘play’ in imaginative ways on social and digital media.

Given the brand’s innovative and signature style graphics shared on our timelines, it is going to be interesting to watch out for the digital activities of ‘Play with Oreo’. Else, given its propensity for conducting ‘dunkathons’ on social media, it would be fun to watch out for co-created ways of playing with Oreo shared by Oero lovers.