PlayUp Initiative For Indian Cricket Fans On Facebook

PlayUp Initiative For Indian Cricket Fans On Facebook

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The one religion that unites every Indian is undoubtedly ‘Cricket’. If you are born in India or nurture a keen interest in cricket, then you would know the madness that is cricket. However, the present India-England series has hit the madness badly. The number one test team in the world, India has gone down badly in both the tests against England. The morale has been really down and to boost this up among fans, PlayUp, a mobile generation sports entertainment Company has started a new initiative on its Facebook fan page called Cheer For Team India.


Cheer For Team India

PlayUp, founded in 2007 has focused on social media, mobile interactive technologies and entertainment with the live sports telecast. ‘Cheer for Team India’ is an initiate to cheer up team India and also to bring the craziness back among fans. The page has a few cricket games to test your cricketing skills and goodies to be won too. The initiative also has invited fans to post comments on how they think they could cheer up the Indian team. Fifty lucky winners will earn Playup goodies if their cheer up comments are found to be interesting. Cricket Fun Quiz, PlayUp Field and Angry Balls are the three free games that have been included for fans to have some cricketing fun. My pick out of the three is the Angry Balls. The name resembles the famous game Angry Birds though this one tests your bowling skills. Cricket Fun Quiz tests your cricketing brain so play it to be puzzled by some interesting questions.

Playup India has an amazing presence on Facebook with a great engagement with fans. The timing is really crucial just when the Indian cricketing fans are feeling low. Whatever the outcome, this initiative is definitely going to build up in the coming days and we hope India bounces back in the remaining tests.