Platinum Guild India Lets Couples Relive Special Memories With Personalized Videos

Platinum Guild India & Maxus are inviting couples to share their special photos to make them a personalised video of their special memories called #OurEverlastingLove


Social feeds serve for a quick visual peek into special moments shared by our close connections. In studies to find out what type of content do people love to share on social networks, pictures took a 47% share with opinions, status updates, personal recommendations, links, videos coming in later with lesser percentages. In fact, sharing photos is the most popular activity on Facebook, a trait especially common among couples.

Based on this insight, a jewellery brand is hoping to woo these couples by creating a personalized video capturing all their special moments shared together. They can then share their video stories of love hashtagged #OurEverlastingLove with their social connections.

Platinum Guild India, in association with Maxus has launched its ‘Our Everlasting Love’ campaign in a bid to promote platinum as a true celebration of precious love. The campaign goes beyond celebrating a couple’s “Platinum Day of Love” – an intimate and momentous date in a couple’s journey of love when they discover real love that can only begin, never end. The focus is now on celebrating ‘everlasting love’.

A dedicated microsite has been created for the campaign where couples can log in via their Facebook or Google+ ID. They need to select images and status updates that will go into the video, preview the video and select a Love Band of their choice. For Google+ logins, there is an option to upload images and quotes. If lucky, they stand a chance to win special gifts while the luckiest wins the Platinum Love Band chosen by them.

The microsite features a gallery containing videos created for other couples, and social sharing buttons with pre-filled hashtag #OurEverlastingLove.

Social media promotions can be seen at Platinum Day of Love Facebook page, inviting couples to share their best moments.

Smart marketing, poor digital

Marketing heads of brands have been creating quite a lot of interesting days to celebrate their target consumer group, and build a strong bond with them. Platinum Day of Love is one such day designated to that special day when couples know they are meant for each other. Great positioning for a precious metal jewellery brand. However, Platinum Guild India is now looking to connect with couples not just through one special day but everyday, through #OurEverlastingLove.

The campaign has been well designed to connect couples with Platinum, but the digital initiatives don’t explore much beyond the microsite. There are no efforts to build conversations and engage with couples on social media using the campaign hashtag. #OurEverlastingLove might just be forgotten amidst the hundreds of brand hashtags that compete for our everlasting attention.