Planning Commission Of India Plans To Recruit For Its Social Media Department

The Planning Commission Of India is planning to hire 12 social media experts for its social media departments, who will manage and communicate with people online.

social media expertIn today’s times you don’t have to join the army to show your jingoism, you can do it by being a social media expert too. I am not kidding.

According to a latest story from DNA, The Planning Commission Of India is planning to have special social media departments in all ministries to communicate directly with the youth. First of its kind proposal that has been chalked out by the Planning Commission emphasizes that a separate wing of young professionals would be created, who will promote the Planning Commission and its schemes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Currently the social media department is being managed by part-time young professionals who are assisting the Planning Commission on various areas. But it has realized that communicating with hundreds of people on social media is a challenge and a separate team would be required to address this issue. So the initial plan is to hire at least 12 young people who would be responsible for managing the social media department in the Planning Commission.

The news comes at a time when the Government has seriously beefed up its activities on social media. Previously, we had reported that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had started the MyIndia initiative. The initiative is a digital volunteer program that invites citizens to spread the message of the government on different social media platforms. In other words, the government is looking for goodwill ambassadors who can promote the voice of the government on social media platforms.

With a recently organized Google Hangout for discussing the 12th five year plan, a hackathon to happen soon and now recruiting an entire team for social media department goes out to show that the Planning Commission and the Government of India are doing some brainstorming. However, it is not clear right now how the recruitment will happen since the story by DNA fails to address it. We have asked the same on Twitter to the Planning commission and will update once we hear from them.

Will you be keen to join the social media team at the Planning Commission? They seriously need to look at their social media presence, specially Facebook where the admin is only sharing links.