Pizza Express India Pays Tribute To Art With #SliceOfArt Photography Contest

Pizza Express India has teamed up with Italian photographer, Stefano Stranges for the 'Slice of Art' photography contest where winners get to work with him, here we look at the social media activities for the contest

Pizza Express slice of art FacebookPizza Express slice of art Facebook

There are quite a few things common in food and art, and one of them is creativity. The joy of creating a good piece of art is similar to the joy of serving up a delicious pizza. For Pizza Express, style forms an integral part of its DNA, right from the way the food is prepared, to how it is served and the exquisite design in each of its restaurants.

As a tribute to all things art and also to promote amateur photographers, Pizza Express India embarked on a journey to celebrate the art of photography with its ‘Slice of Art’ campaign, in association with digital agency Digital Latte. The campaign is a black and white photography contest announced on the occasion of World Photography Day on the 19th of August. The pizza brand has teamed up with Italian photographer Stefano Stranges to help reach out to aspiring photographers in Mumbai.

The photography contest is themed on the city of Mumbai as the art and cultural capital of India. Aspiring photographers have been invited to capture the little things that make Mumbai, the city of dreams and dreamers.

The black and white entries can be sent through the ‘Slice of Art’ Facebook app on the Pizza Express India Facebook page, or uploaded on to the timeline itself or just sent through email. The only criterion is that the photographs should be original. Judging will be carried out through a process of voting by fans and friends, from which the top 15 winners will be selected.

These 15 entries will be displayed in the restaurant gallery for Stefano to pick his winner. Also, they get to join him on a 3-day trail around iconic locations in Mumbai, while working along with him.

The Facebook app provides a button to upload an image, while it pulls up your name and email, Gallery section displays all the entries, while Leaderboard lists the top voted images.

The campaign has been leveraging its Facebook and Twitter timelines to drive conversations on #SliceofArt. Participants have been encouraged to share their entries with their friends using the campaign hashtag. The brand’s Twitter page is also sharing the entries sent in, while running promotions with @WeAreMumbai - a weekly rotational curation account on Twitter with a new Mumbaikar handling the account each week. The account has over 24.9 K followers at present.

Bonding through art

Two things that connect the people of a city are its food and its art & culture. The Pizza Express ‘Slice of Art‘ campaign has sought to connect to the people of Mumbai by having them celebrate the cultural essence of Mumbai. Inviting aspiring photographers to showcase their talent with a chance to exhibit with a renowned photographer and win the opportunity to work with him, is a great incentive on offer.

The campaign also makes effective use of social media to reach out to the relevant segment with a simple Facebook app and the use of a hashtag. Associating with @WeAreMumbai has further helped in reaching out to a wider target audience through Twitter. Apart from exciting gratifications for photographers, ‘Slice of Art’ helps establish the brand’s position on art and culture.

Pizza Express India could do this more often to build engagement, and also to differentiate itself from the many pizza brands in the country.