Pintile Introduces New Design Changes

An article on Pintile Introducing New Design Changes

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Visuals are the flavor of social media networks this year, every one from Facebook to Pinterest wants a bigger slice. While Pinterest has been growing popular day-by-day especially is US where it is the third most popular network, the story hasn’t been the same for its clones that had sprouted with its success. However, Pintile, a look-alike of Pinterest, which boasts of being a Pinterest with Indian interests, has had some major changes in its design.

Some time back I had reviewed Pintile and wasn’t impressed by it, as it was a complete rip off of Pinterest. But the latest changes have been quite worth a mention. Broadly, Pintile has had two major changes:

1. Basic Design Change: Previously, Pintile had a similar design as Pinterest has now but they have made some interesting change in the way you follow people.  For example, once you log in to Pintile via Facebook or Google, you are populated with a list of options based on interests such as Bollywood, Tech, Politics, etc. Once you select your interests, Pintile will suggest a list of people who you would like to follow as they share the same interests that you do. Isn’t that exciting? Besides this, Pintile creates default boards for you so that you can start pinning images and videos.

2. Addition of IPL 2012 Board: In addition to the boards that you create for yourself, Pintile has created some boards under the category of Hot Boards. And trying to cash in on the IPL madness, Pintile has created a board for IPL 2012, which is a public board and consists of 10 boards, based upon the IPL teams such as Deccan Chargers, Kings X1 Punjab, etc. So as a user, you can follow the boards, track the activities happening in the activity bar and also pin your pictures or videos on the boards of your favorite teams.

Pintile IPL 2012 board
Pintile IPL 2012 Board

I am impressed by the changes that Pintile has made in its basic design. The idea of discovering friends based on common interests is quite exciting for me. Not only that, it is slowly trying to come out of the shadow of Pinterest with this change. The concept of adding boards under the category of Hot Boards reminds me of trending topics on Twitter. I think it would be great if Pintile can add some more boards.

I wish Pintile moves away from the look and feel of Pinterest, when they are making such amazing design changes. So will you give a spin to Pintile?