Pinterest Launches Redesigned Profile Pages

An article on Pinterest Launching Redesigned Profile Pages and what are the changes that has been done to the profile pages


Pinterest, as predicted has come up with a complete redesign for the profiles, which has been rolled out as shared on their blog. Ben Silberman, Co-Founder and CEO of Pinterest hinted the same during his recent appearance at SXSW. Ben had promised that “lots of exciting things” are on its way and I am not at all disappointed with the new design changes.

Pinterest Profile page changes:

Pinterest profiles of yours or your friends no more have a cluttered look. The profile page has a small snapshot of your profile details. The profile details display your bio, your website and social details at the top of the profile page. Adjacent to it is a small card, which displays the list of people who have repined you in recent times. A great way to follow new people if you are interested.  Rest of the page is a neat display of your Boards, Pins, Likes and Activity with the count of number of followers and following. The below screenshot gives a glimpse of my profile page:

Pinterest redesigned profile page

The Boards, Pins and Likes section individually give you the complete details in one snapshot. The display of the items has changed and if you want to rearrange the boards or pins, you can do it easily. The profile page display of boards or pins is not only appealing but also you can make it the way you want. However the display change in the images reminds me of Facebook when it did the same for pictures of users. The Activity section is one more enhanced feature and now you can find out in one go the various activities performed by you and any other user. This makes it easier for you as before following someone, you might want to check his or her activity stream.

Changes in Legal & Copyright section:

Along with this set of new changes, Pinterest has made some changes in its Legal & Copyright section as shared by Simply Zesty. However there was no mention in the official blog of Pinterest. If you click on the About button which is located on top of the page, you would find the Legal & Copyright option. The Terms of Use hasn’t been updated but has two new additions - Copyright and Trademark.

Pinterest has finally spoken about the most debated topic on its growth, i.e. intellectual property rights. So if you think someone has infringed your work then report alleged copyright infringements taking place on or through the site by completing the following DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement and deliver it to Pinterest’s Designated Copyright Agent. Pinterest has also mentioned that it can disable or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others. For more details on this, have a look here. Same rules have been listed for Trademark too. Pinterest has clearly stated that,

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_lhi”]Pinterest respects the trademark rights of others. Accounts with usernames, Pin Board names, or any other content that misleads others or violates another’s trademark may be updated, transferred or permanently suspended.[/pullquote]

The Copyright Complaint Form and the Trademark complaint form is all there on the Pinterest site. Along with this, if you think the complaint is unfair then you have 10 days to file a Counter-Notice.

It seems that Pinterest is getting serious on an area where it has been criticized most in the recent few weeks. The changes that Pinterest has incorporated will make it more talked about in the coming days. Along with that, I am sure we will have some smart blog posts on bringing more loopholes in the Legal & Copyright section. Despite all this, Pinterest is becoming a major social network in US but how effective has it been to you personally and your business in India. Some time back I had shared on how Pinterest can be useful for Indian ecommerce. Personally, I haven’t been that active nor have  I seen Indian brands active on Pinterest but the new changes compel me to use it more. What about you?