Pinterest Opens Its API For Brands, What Marketers Need To Know

Pinterest has opened its Content Publishing API to brands and their ad-tech partners, and is also introducing an ads API to help brands buy ads on the platform

Earlier last year Pinterest, the niche visual discovery network opened up its business platform to a handful of marketing tech players, letting them access data that should help their brand clients better understand what content efforts are performing best. Now the social network with almost 50 million active users is making advertising more accessible with new software for ad-tech companies and their brands.

The company has now revealed that it has opened up its Content Publishing API to brands and their ad-tech partners, and is also introducing an ads API to help brands buy ads on the platform. What it means is that Pinterest has initiated a marketing program called “Marketing Developer Partners (MDP), that will help brands optimize their organic content on the platform.

With the Content Publishing API, businesses can manage their organic presence on Pinterest by bulk uploading pins, as well as scheduling and publishing posts. Their ad-tech partners can further present insights on how the published pins are performing, with metrics such as repins, comments, and likes. “We’ve been ramping up in the last few months; we’ve published millions of pins through these partners on the content publishing side,” Pinterest’s head of marketing development partners Jyri Kidwell said to TC. “We’ve seen stronger than average re-pin rates in content through the developer partners. That’s a really encouraging sign.”

To start with Pinterest has joined hands with selected ad-tech companies, which include Percolate, Sprinklr, Spredfast, Curalate, Ahalogy, Buffer, Expion, Newscred, Shoutlet, and Tailwind. Pinterest currently works with 10 partners, and said it would be carefully selecting partners going forward instead of making it an open platform right away.

A few brands have already started experimenting with this new ad offering, according to Pinterest. For example, Kraft is working with ad-tech company Ahalogy to optimize its ads on the platform, while Dove and Hellman’s are working with Percolate.

In addition, Pinterest is also out with its new ads API for a few select partners, which will allow marketing developers to build tools and help brands buy promoted pins  by allowing brands to post these ads through third-party applications. However, Pinterest did not announce which partners are involved in testing the ads API.

The latest development is good news for the developer community and users who can not only schedule and publish posts but also monitor their progress. One of the selected ad-tech companies, Buffer has posted a detailed blog post that includes the various Pinterest analytics one could avail.

Additionally, the technology advancement for Promoted Pins which Pinterest had introduced a year ago will help grow the amount of advertisers that can participate, now that there’s more automation and sophistication.