Pinkathon Kicks Off To A Great Run On Social Media Too!

A look at Pinkathon, a marathon event to spread awareness about breast cancer and its marketing efforts on social media


The Pinkathon marathon set to raise awareness about breast cancer is all on with its first ever run at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai on the 16th of December in the 3k, 5k and 10k distance. The initiative is a joint effort by the Women’s Cancer Initiative, the Tata Memorial hospital and Maximums events led by avid runner and fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman.

I first heard about Pinkathon at Miss Malini’s blog where my teenage heartthrob, Milind invited women to join the run to help spread awareness about the disease. It was good to see the Pinkathon website, Facebook and Twitter pages also displayed below, as social media can definitely go a long way in spreading the word. Besides, using the platform of a social media influencer like Miss Malini who has  more than 50K followers on Twitter and influencing everybody’s favourite topics – Bollywood, Lifestyle and Fashion, serves as an excellent springboard.

Milind_wtih_RJ_Malishka_Pinkathon_FB_updateEach of the digital properties fit in well - the website takes your registrations while the Facebook and Twitter provide information about the disease and the Pinkathon event. The Facebook page started this October, is a lively one now.

Most of the content on the page had started off with talking about the event and busting myths regarding breast cancer. The later updates are interesting with visuals and quite a few videos too that add up to the excitement.

The event makes good use of radio with popular radio jockey Malishka taking training lessons for the run alongside broadcasting it to her listeners. The adjacent update on the Facebook page shows Milind and Malishka during her training sessions at Priyadarshini Park grounds. Besides, the brand has roped in actor and fitness freak, Bipasha Bapu to join the run too!

Twitter is conversational and connects with people. Apart from sharing links, videos and retweeting, it also serves to increase visibility on the medium. Of late, the page is striving hard to trend with the hashtag #RUNBCF, so you can follow all the action by tracking it.

Although October has been set as the Breast Cancer Awareness month every year, there is nothing to complain about an awareness drive happening in December, if it is for a good cause and especially since it makes good use of social media marketing to add to its marketing mix!

So, have you registered for Pinkathon yet?