Unboxing The YouTube Content Strategy Of PhoneRadar With Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani of PhoneRadar talks about the YouTube channel growth in 4 years, the urge to do interesting videos and the road ahead with regional content.


You won’t miss a video that goes by the title - LG G4 Special Unboxing by Messi, unless you aren’t a football fan. I am a football fan and a gadget lover, so I was quick to check out the 40-second video posted by PhoneRadar - an online publication that reports about gadgets with a keen focus on smartphones.

However, the video disappointed me as there was no real Lionel Messi; instead a toy figure that managed to pull out the show in a cool way. The video that has fetched a thousand plus views is a mark of creativity and showcased how stop motion animation could be implemented to the common unboxing of smartphones. The video also fetched some great support from fans.

“We have been testing different kinds of videos regularly on our YouTube Channel which creates an impact in such a way that users would remember the brand name and visit us back. The conventional strategy is creating an unboxing followed by a review video which has no branding, only creativity & fun,” informed Amit Bhawani, Editor-in-chief at PhoneRadar.


He further added that the complete stop motion video took around 3 hours to record and another few more to edit. “The final piece came out to be great considering that this was the first attempt at this kind of videos.”

PhoneRadar, which has more than 55K subscribers on YouTube fetching 32M plus views, has been brainstorming on a variety of video content to keep its fans engaged. The latest UMI Hammer durability test video is one such content that Amit and his team rolled out recently. The UMI Hammer phone goes by the tag of the world’s toughest phone so the team tried out various tests - smashing it with a car, cricket bat and finally ripping it apart with a cracker. The video has earned 4k plus views and is worth a watch.

“The idea is to create diverse content around smartphones which is useful for our user base. When we started creating videos there was a huge demand with very limited number of creators but now after a few years, the demand has certainly grown,” added Amit while sharing his thoughts on running the YouTube channel in the fourth year.


However he feels that of late YouTube has been filled with many creators, few of which are just spamming the site and gaming the search. “Sadly YouTube puts no control on the quality.”

For PhoneRadar, content has clearly been the focus, apart from the popular PhoneRadar Unboxing of smartphones, the team has focused on creating videos on reviews, Tips and Tricks and the monthly listicles such as - Top 5 Best iOS Games July. ” It is important to try out other ways to ensure the engagement with the users increase hence the unique videos.”

The below video provides tips and tricks of Sony Xperia Aqua M4. The video has published in the month of May has more than 3K views.


Videos aren’t easy and as you raise the bar on production, efforts and investment also go up. Talking about efforts he informed that compared to text content, the efforts needed in creating video content is a minimum of 5X times. “We work as a team since the devices are shared with our Content Team and the YouTube Team. First the device goes for the Unboxing Video, next audio recording, video editing, final edits, uploading, optimizing the tags & then publishing.”

In this information overload age, it is often seen that quality content fades away and specially YouTube has a content discovery problem for publishers like PhoneRadar. Admitting that it is a problem, he said, “Videos get lost on the site all thanks to the huge amount of uploads and the algorithm they keep tweaking.”

However social media has come as a respite to PhoneRadar. “Social Media is very important especially for sharing the YouTube videos. With Social Media, we can not just time our content but also reach the right eyeballs with the updates and follow-ups.”

PhoneRadar’s Facebook page with more than 13K fans and 5K Twitter followers are already helping the videos grow. Add to that the publication has a cool Instagram page which is capturing some stunning snaps like the below image.

This little guy was captured by which smartphone? Guess!!! #phoneradar #smartphone #photography #instaphotography #merchandise #xiaomi #mibunny

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All this work isn’t going unnoticed by brands but Amit clarified that they haven’t tied up with brands for the videos. “They do send us their gadgets especially smartphones for reviews, but there is no control by them over the content, and we are free to review honestly.”

Moving ahead from here Amit definitely wants to create interesting video content but also wants to re-launch YouTube channels of PhoneRadar that will focus on delivering content in regional languages such as Hindi and Gujarati. “Regional content has potential. With mobile users growing in the country the demand is for fresh content and not everyone is looking for content in English language.”