Philips Goes Digital To Build Awareness For Its Air Purifiers

Philips has launched a digital awareness campaign for the Air Purifier with a dedicated website, Facebook app and social media to spread the word

philips air purifier

The air in our homes is something we know very little about compared to the air outside. The irony is that we continue to make noise about rising pollution levels in the outside environment, while the air inside our home is 10 to 30 times more polluted than outside air. Every time you return home from a vacation, you will see proof of this in the form of dust all over, despite having closed all the windows.

With air quality becoming a serious issue across the world, clean air has never been more important. The Philips Air Purifier has been designed with a unique technology to combat this – its four- level multi-filtration process filters air particles as small as 0.2 microns, keeping indoor air 99.9% free of pollutants and allergens. This is particularly vital for people with allergies and respiratory diseases.

But, how does a company that builds an air purifier demonstrate its need and efficacy? For Philips, this meant disseminating a whole lot of awareness and information about indoor air and the role of Philips Air Purifier in ensuring your family breathes cleaner and healthier air always.

For starters, the brand has chosen to go digital with a dedicated product website named ‘Breathe the Difference’ and is leveraging social media to spread the word with help of its digital agency OgilvyOne.

The ‘‘Breathe the Difference’ website gives all the information about the air purifier in simplified terms, along with a product demo video. it also provides a link to buy the product.

The Philips Home Living Facebook page along with the Twitter page have started with seeding the initial content on the air purifier. The Facebook page features a cover photo along with posts sharing the demo video and the website. A Facebook app has also been created which mirrors the website in design and features.

The brand’s Twitter page is spreading awareness with its tweets and around the importance of cleaner indoor air.

Building awareness

For a relatively lesser known product like an air purifier that consumers have hardly heard about, Philips faces an uphill task of building the market in the country. The Philips Air Purifier which comes in the range of Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 40,000 needs to create a sound knowledge base primarily and the use of digital is the right way to go in this age.

The minimal design and common layout across the website and Facebook app ensures a smooth and uniform experience for a user. The dedicated website completes the cycle by providing product information along with a helpful demo video and the buy link. However, the brand would have to do a lot more to leverage the reach of social media and build brand advocates in mothers, health care workers and best of all people who are allergic to dust/ pollen or suffer from respiratory diseases due to polluted air.