Philips Rolls Out Hilarious Ad For Its #BuiltToLast Modular Switches

Marking its entry in modular switches, Philips has rolled out a fun TVC with Ranbir Kapoor, but the digital extension is only a simple contest


Philips India has announced its entry into the Rs.1,900-crore modular switches market and how. In a new campaign with actor Ranbir Kapoor as the face of the brand, Philips Lighting has rolled out an ad film talking about its modular switches in a rather interesting manner. The ad film conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather shows that the new modular switches by Philips are durable and safe, by putting them to a test against two destructive yet adorable twins.

The quirky story starts with Ranbir visiting a couple who have twin sons with a destructive bent of mind. No sooner than he gifts them with a toy, the two get involved in a fight for it, leaving the parents embarrassed. This is followed by a series of fights between the twins and them breaking things around the home, all being witnessed by Ranbir silently.

This one time they break the switch board in the house. Ranbir quickly excuses himself out of the house, only to return with the Philips modular switch board. The scene then moves to a newly installed switch board and Ranbir gesturing them to come and destroy it if they can.

The destructive duo are at their best banging the board with a saucepan, clicking the switches continuously and pouring some liquid over it. However, nothing happens to the switchboard, while a voiceover talks about the various features like break-proof, water resistance, 10 year warranty, etc.


The campaign idea has been extended on the digital front with a campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The brand has been inviting people to share their most memorable and everlasting stories using the hashtag #BuiltToLast. One can share their stories in the form of photos, videos, posts, tweets with the hashtag and stand to win brand hampers.

More #BuiltToLast stories on digital?

The ad film not only proves the product claims in a fun way, but also stresses on the brand promise of ‘innovation and you’. For a company that is in the business of LED lighting products, the campaign has ensured a fun brand recall when it comes to sturdy modular switches requirement. Putting the switchboard to the ultimate stress test by a couple of notorious kids, with Ranbir around them, makes for an informative and entertaining watch.

The digital extension is a simple concept, asking the community to share their experiences of everlasting memories and incentivizing it, adds to the campaign message. But, it certainly has the potential to explore further and build engagement beyond user stories and contests.

The brand’s social media pages could create content around #BuiltToLast stories, probably depicting them with the help of interesting visuals, gifs or videos. A sound content strategy on social media could differentiate this launch from the regular TVC-driven campaigns.