Philips Reveals #BladeyConfessions To Promote The Aqua Touch

For the promotions of Aqua Touch, male grooming brand Philips has launched #BladeyConfessions, where the common razor confesses to his crimes of causing nicks and cuts over the years


Male grooming brand Philips has launched an amusing campaign to introduce its new shaver designed for the modern man – the Philips AquaTouch. The brand has got the common razor to confess to his crimes in a confession video, to reveal his true identity of being a hurting villain guilty of causing nicks and cuts while shaving. As the blade reveals all his sinister crimes in the minute-long animated video, the viewer is led to the campaign website called ‘#BladeyConfessions’.

‘I have a lot of apologies to make…I’ve hurt people..some of them real bad…its time to confess to every horrible thing I’ve ever done” before proceeding to describe how he ruined wedding days, interviews, dates and birthdays for a lot of men who’d used him. He says its just about ‘Who I am’ with a lot of regret and concludes with an apology.

The dedicated website is complete with Bladey confessions video and how the Aqua Touch is the solution for a smooth shave. Additionally, there are two more videos, one in which a married man confesses how a shave with the blade had ruined his honeymoon, and another in which a little girl confesses how she hates her dad shaving with the blade and the regular cuts and nicks.

Apart from this, one can add their own confessions to share how they were adversely affected by a razor blade shave by tweeting with the hashtag #BladeyConfessions or recording through the webcam. Similarly, viewers have been invited to forgive the razor blade by tweeting with the hashtag #iforgiveTheBlade or recording the forgiveness through the webcam. The site features user confessions which are tweets pulled from the Twitter stream having the hashtag #BladeyConfessions.

Finally, and most importantly, the site provides information about the Aqua Touch complete with an online buy link.

Philips took the social media route to initiate the confessions. Before revealing the confession of the shaving blade, the campaign created the right amount of suspense with teaser videos on its Facebook and Twitter pages. The video was finally revealed at the site after a good number of days.

Riding the confessions trend

Confessions had become the rage on social media, particularly Facebook where anonymous communities came together to confess to their guilt and take a little bit off from their regrets in life. Confession pages sprung up very frequently and also formed great fodder for sharing on social platforms. The Philips #BladeyConfessions campaign seems to have taken a leaf from this confession wave, although in a humorous way.

The confessions video did pave a path for the introduction of Aqua Touch. Creating the right amount of intrigue around the upcoming confession of a bad guy, before revealing the razor blade’s confession video set the pace for the campaign. Driving the community to the website through the social platforms set the visibility for the campaign. However, the campaign would need to offer incentives for users to share their razor blade misadventures to bring about any kind of user engagement.

Do check out the video and share your views on the campaign.