Philip Abraham Talks About PRSI Award And Social Media At MyGrahak

Philip Abraham of Talks About PRSI Award, social media strategies and the road ahead, the first and largest online retailing platform in India has won the PRSI National Award for “Social Media for PR and Branding”. MyGrahak, a startup which is close to a year old was presented the award at the 33rd National PR Conference in Nagpur. It was interesting for us to know about this achievement and that too by a young startup.

So we got in touch with Philip Abraham, GM(Marketing Communications) via an email interview to know more about his thoughts, the strategies implemented, etc. Please find the email interview below:


1. First of all congrats for being awarded the PRSI award in social media for PR and Branding category. Can you share the experience with us?

Thanks. Social media has always been core to the marketing strategy that we have adopted at We felt that Facebook, Linked In, Youtube and Twitter are one of the biggest medium of communication for any brand.

After we got around 250 fans initially on our Facebook page; we started grappling with the issue to increase appropriate fan base to help build brand as well as business. We were focusing at Delhi and NCR as services of MyGrahak was only offered there. We then decided to look at Social Media on a holistic basis and chalked out internal strategy notes for Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Strategy notes gave us direction on how to do it and then we concentrated with Facebook. We used Facebook primarily to increase engagement and ran various contests, quizzes, fan polls, text contest and video contest. We did not spend any amount, but we were able to increase fans through more engagements.

The experience was very enriching and we decided to focus more on engagement through various offline methods so that Facebook would be a medium of information dissemination, being attached to MyGrahak and then improve our business and brand awareness. We now have 12,850 fans on Facebook page.

2. Awards are a recognition of hard work that teams try to put across. So would you like to share what might be your USP for being selected for the PRSI?

We feel the major USP for being selected was:

Well defined internal strategy notes.

Engagement level.

Influence level – Fans of fans.

Various influences used in social media – doing something different – like contest, shopping through facebook, true fan applications, giving discounts on sharing the page, etc.

3. Can you share one of the impressive campaigns that you did in 2011 and it would be great if you can share numbers too.

We did various campaigns like

Quiz contest : We gained approximately 500 fans

Best holiday moment contest : Approx. 750 fans

True fan contest : approx 650 fans and this went viral with we getting more than 1000 fans as additions thus, 1650 fans approx.

Highest invoice contest : Around 180 fans

Receipe contest : Above 280 participants and also got 300 fans

Thus, you may see that we are building our fans by involving them in our ecosystem. This system may take its own time but we believe it would be the essence of our success with social media.

4. You have a social presence and being in the service industry, online reputation management is a tough ask. What have been your learnings so far?

Yes, in service industry social media forms one of the best method to get feedback. We value all the feedback given to us by our consumers and fans. In a phase of starting up we got some feedback on late deliveries, less products etc. Thus, feedback is critical and we will in future ensure that social media has two way information dissemination - we giving information required for consumers and they giving us feedback. This is very important for us as we intend to be a consumer centric organisation.

5. Going further any plans to evolve the ecommerce model to a social commerce one?

Yes, social commerce has yet to prove but we believe it will add to the ecommerce business ecosystem thus improving quality of transactions, transparency and better convenience for users.


Thanks Philip for sharing your thoguhts. It’s good to see a year old startup meticulously formulating its social media strategies. Along with this you not only focussed on tying offline with online events but aligned with your objective of being a consumer centric organization. I believe that is how you excel in social media and MyGrahak should be a case study for other startups who are testing the waters.