PewDiePie Launches Disney-Backed Web Network, How Vox Is Embracing Programmatic Advertising

Global digital marketing news - YouTube star PewDiePie has launched RevelMode with the aid of Maker Studios, Vox media has overcome the uncertainties of programmatic advertising, and more

Allstate’s Newest @Mayhem Effort Depicts The Dark Side Of DIY, With Stories Unearthed Online: Allstate’s campaigns as of late have revolved around its “Mayhem” character, a snarky know-it-all who seems to always be present when things go wrong — sometimes terribly wrong. Allstate’s message, of course, is that it will be around to help you pick up the pieces if you’ve purchased its insurance.

Arizona turns to Twitter to shame dads who don’t pay child support: Twitter, as a platform, has played host to a multitude of subjects, from elections to activism. Now, the social media platform will play host to shaming “deadbeat dads,” reports CNN.

YouTube’s biggest star PewDiePie launches Disney-backed Web network: YouTube star PewDiePie has launched his own video talent network RevelMode with the aid of Maker Studios, the YouTube network owned by Disney.

Belgium’s wacky new tourism campaign lets you call a random person from Brussels: That’s the latest creative plan emerging from a tourist agency in the Belgian capital of Brussels, a city that has suffered some not-so-great PR in the last few weeks with terror alerts and potential links to the devastating Paris attacks of last year.

Al Jazeera’s distributed content unit generated 2.2 billion Facebook video views in 2015: Al Jazeera’s 15-month-old digital-only offshoot, AJ+, has made a big bet on distributed content, trading a website for an editorial strategy centered on building audiences directly on Facebook and other platforms. Its output, focused on social issues, is created with mobile viewing in mind — which is to say, short, sharable and made so that it can be viewed with the sound off.

How Vox is embracing programmatic advertising: Vox Media was once as skeptical as any publisher to fully hand over its ad business to the uncertainties of programmatic advertising. Now, it has found a way to leverage the tools of automation while maintaining the control of direct selling — and preserve its high direct ad rates.