Get Tweeting With Pepsi Tweet20 To Watch The Match From The Pepsi VIP Box

Pepsi Tweet20 Twitter app enables players to tweet shots for every type of ball that is tweeted by the Pepsi India Twitter handle.Top scorers will win an exclusive chance to watch the game from the Pepsi VIP Box.

The sixth season of the Indian Premier League is seeing a lot of action off the grounds as well. With social media being well incorporated into every aspect of the games, teams and the sponsors have ensured maximum engagement with cricket enthusiasts through social media. The most engaging Twitter campaign ‘Pepsi Tweet20’ has been by Pepsi - the title sponsor of IPL 6 – that allows fans to play shots online through Twitter, and win an exclusive chance to watch the game from the Pepsi VIP Box.

What is Pepsi Tweet20?

The concept of the game has been captured in this short video, in case you want to skip the longer explanation!

The ‘batweeting’ game called ‘Pepsi Tweet20’ was initially launched during the ICC World Twenty20 last year, when Pepsi was one of the global sponsors. Tweet20 is a Twitter application hosted on the game microsite and one can begin by registering through their Twitter handle, following the Pepsi India Twitter handle and selecting one of the IPL teams.

For every type of ball that is tweeted by the Pepsi India Twitter handle, players need to tweet the right shot. Types of balls tweeted are “Short Pitched Off Spinner Outside Off Stump”, “Good Length Arm ball On Leg Stump”, etc.

Right shots will earn them runs while wrong shots cost wickets. Players can earn bonus runs for ‘unlocking’ special shots or consecutive boundaries. Besides this, they also need to complete tasks during the game which earns them Pepsi crowns. These Pepsi crowns can be redeemed for bonus skill/wickets/free hit to increase their score!

There will be five pools of four matches each during the contest period with a total of 20 T20 matches. The top scorer of every pool will be eligible for the grand prize and there will be five grand prize winners in all for the contest. Each match winner is eligible for Pepsi Cric-Kit (which will include PepsiCo Products and cheering merchandise).


As shown above, that is my scoreboard complete with my skill and strike rate, runs scored, balls played, wickets and Pepsi crowns earned. The Tweet board shows the different ball types. Select the shot from a list of shots to the particular ball types and tweet. The tasks that help in earning Pepsi crowns are listed beside the tweet balls.

There was no match in progress while writing this, but the match schedules can be seen at the top. There is a match today at 2:00 pm, meanwhile the app has a practise match for you.

‘Hall of fame’  features the top scorers while ‘Reward Zone’ enables you to redeem your Pepsi crowns for exclusive unlocks. All the tabs have a ‘Share’ button that enable sharing this application on a variety of networks like StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg, etc.

How cool is Pepsi Tweet20?

I’m impressed with the concept. The gamification brought in here that replicates the game for a cricket enthusiast, while keeping him engaged on Twitter, is a cool idea. And, the incentive for a fan - watching the game from the VIP Box - completes the trick.

Moreover, Pepsi Tweet20  will help the beverage brand build its Twitter community, which is standing strong with more than 27K followers at the moment. The app is neat, well designed with an easy uncluttered interface, which is quite a challenge when there are too many features to be included.

As part of the social media endeavour for ‘Pepsi IPL ka Boss’ where fans get social to earn runs, Tweet20 comes across as an excellent effort as long as there are not too many players spamming your timeline with their Tweet20 shots. What are your views on Tweet20?