Pepsi “Now Is What You Make It” #FutbolNow Now Comes To India

Pepsi's 2014 Football WorldCup Ad "Now Is What You Make It" #FutbolNow has been launched in 100 countries including India.

Pepsi India FutbolNow

“We can be heroes, just for one day,” Janelle Monáe, the American R&B and soul musician lends her voice in an exclusive new take of David Bowie’s “Heroes” for the latest Pepsi football world cup ad. The soft drinks company Pepsi teamed up with some of the most popular football sport stars of today’s times – Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie, Jack Wilshere, Sergio Aguero, Sergio Ramos and David Luiz for an interactive advert set around the streets of Rio de Janiero.

The ad for the most popular sporting event that is on right now in Brazil was launched in the month of April with a message that – “every one can be a hero.”

Pepsi #FutbolNow

The story line of the two minute ad follows a youngster, also known as ‘digital beat sensation Stony’ where he is seen roaming around the famous city of Rio while he brushes shoulders with elite footballers and rising songstress Janelle Monae before returning to a fiesta on the dirt pitch he began his ‘journey’.

Speaking to Adweek, Kristin Patrick, Pepsi’s global chief marketing officer shared,“We were inspired by the power and unity that sports and music bring to the world. Our content plan to capture this spirit celebrates the creative passion of footballers with music and how both of these awesome forces inspire us to ‘Live for Now.'”

The message from the brand has been the ability to create your own ‘Now’—uniting Pepsi fans around the world in a celebration of sport, music, art and everyday moments.

The global campaign also has an interactive version of the ad with various interesting moments (11) that fans can unlock. Every moment either unfolds a new story within the story line of the ad or provides a moment of joy if you are in love with the game.

The ad is now being aired in 100 countries around the world including India.

Pepsi India promoting the ad via social media

Pepsi India which has been busy till the early part of the month with its association to IPL has now been transformed with the football frenzy. The ad was launched on YouTube as the games were kicked of yesterday in Brazil. The ad has fetched so far 403 views in last 24 hours, I am sure it is going to go up with time.

The Pepsi India portal now features the #FutbolNow Heroes ad while it is streaming Twitter conversations about the game. The site is also sharing inspirational quotes from footballers like Messi  and Persie.

One of the most active brands on social media, Pepsi India started talking about the football world cup and about the ad post first week of June. Apart from sharing inspirational quotes from the football legends the brand has shared the ad to get some buzz going. The Facebook and Twitter pages have been sharing more or less the same content which is really not done, considering it is one of the most awaited sporting event globally. Pepsi India can really work on the content strategy which is missing right now for #FutbolNow.

It is definitely no where close to the social media activities of Pepsi’s global page that has been quite aggressive in promoting the campaign in  interesting ways. Nevertheless with a month still out there with the games happening in Brazil, we might expect some interesting initiatives like ‘That Pepsi Intern’ during the IPL7 with actor Ranbir Kapoor. I am hoping!