Pepsi India Converts Witty Tweets Into Live Illustrations For IPL6

A look at Pepsi India's #PepsiIPLLiveArt Twitter campaign, where witty tweets during key matches were made into illustrated posters in real time

Pepsi India, the title sponsors of IPL 6 have been extremely aggressive with their social media campaigns during the recently concluded sixth edition of IPL, the entertaining and controversy-ridden cricket game in T20 format. Bringing in their latest proposition this year ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ to reflect the impulsive, impatient youth of today, the beverage brand continued to further it during the IPL with Pepsi IPL ka Boss, Tweet20, The Great Indian Catch among many other creative engagement activities with a microsite at its center.


But, for me the most endearing fan engagement by Pepsi in this IPL has to be the #PepsiIPLLiveArt on Twitter. Here, Pepsi asked its 55K+ followers on Twitter to share witty tweets during the key matches, and Pepsi would select the best out of them, to make illustrated posters. These also made on-air appearances on Sony MAX during the match.

The campaign also made use of the 16 million fans on the Pepsi India Facebook page. The page admin put updates inviting the fans to participate on Twitter and not just watch the matches. The illustrations in the live art endeavour are now stored in an album.

A simple and innovative campaign designed with fans in mind. To see their tweets converted into posters and that too in real time is a memorable gesture for a fan. Yet the idea is not unheard of. Recently, JWT India had crowdsourced tweets for Portfolio Nights and made films and posters out of the best ones.