Pepsi India Change The Game Facebook Campaign

An article on Pepsi india's change the game social media campaign.

If you are born in West Bengal then you are bound to have to two things in your blood. One have a sweet tooth and two love for football. However we know that cricket is a religion in our country but then there are football-loving crazies out there too. Keeping them in mind, keeping the future in mind Pepsi India is trying to change the rules of the game. It is shifting gears from cricket to football. And to make this a bold message it is organizing a T20 Football championship among 64 teams from across India.

pepsi india cover page
Pepsi India Facebook cover page

The T20 Football will be an action packed game for 20 minutes among 7 young players in a one large cage. The final winning team would be coached by an international football star, which will then play the grand finale against the Indian cricket stars. Isn’t that a game changing idea? So it’s time to wake up the footballer in you and be a part of Pepsi T20 Football and “Change the Game”. Don’t forget to check the rules and regulations of the game as it is bit different from our regular 90-minute game.

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Pepsi India apart from having a website is also using social media extensively. Since it is targeting the youth of India for this campaign, it has a Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus presence.  The Facebook activity has been tremendous by Pepsi India for it’s 2.3 million fans. The page had launched a contest recently called “Share To Win”. The contest was all about you viewing, sharing and winning Football goodies while watching the latest commercial of “Change the Game” which has Ranvir Kapoor in it.  Apart from this, the page has a small game, “Score Now” that asks you to score goals and earn points. The game is not that great, as I would have expected some kind of real football excitement rather than hitting a boring Pepsi vending machine. Nevertheless, the Facebook app follows all guidelines.  Apart from these two, there is one more app named as “Coming Soon” which I have a feeling would cater to the T20 championship. Would be worth keeping an eye in the future. The Facebook presence is surely a winner in terms of driving engagement. This can be seen in the below data provided by Unmetric, where you can see the higher levels of engagement with respect to the type of posts.

Pepsi India Facebook Engagement (Data by Unmetric)

The Twitter and the Google Plus presence are not that great when compared to Facebook but they are trying to accelerate it. Twitter which has more than 1500 followers is doing great when it comes to conversations. The Twitter page is full of one to one interesting conversations and occasionally retweeting the influencers, which is not bad at all. With a community of 300+ fans on Google Plus, the engagement is less comparatively.

Definitely Pepsi India has launched a game changing idea and it is truly sticking to its objective of “Change the Game”. The Facebook is impressive and the page breathes about Football, which should be a takeaway for brands on how to stick to their intentions. We had recently written about how Budweiser India has been clueless about its Facebook engagement and the brand has some lessons to be learnt from Pepsi India.

I would be really excited to see if Pepsi India can stream the games via Youtube or Facebook which will not only drive more engagement to its presence but will give a chance to see the young talents. I think it is a game changing idea on social media as well, how about you?