A Beverage Brand Reminds Us That The Best Diwali Is A #GharWaliDiwali

Pepsi has launched a seven minute short film for Diwali that highlights the importance of visiting home for the festival along with a contest where winners win travel vouchers to visit home


The festival of lights has everyone geared up this Diwali. While the festival is marked by lights, crackers and celebration, it also sees a happy reunion of families separated by distance. Students and young professionals often visit home for Diwali. The same is with sons and daughters who are married and living away from their parents’ homes.

So while people are busy spring cleaning or painting their houses and the women go about doing overtime in their kitchens preparing festive sweetmeats for their family and friends, brands are trying to join in the Diwali party too.

And in really memorable ways!

Beverage brand, PepsiCo has launched the #GharWaliDiwali short film that is sure to tug at your heart strings. Created by JWT Delhi, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane of Udaan fame and featuring National Award winning actress Geetanjali Thapa, the film as the name suggests, takes you back to the good old days of Diwali celebrations at home.

Aimed at the millennials, who are always on the go and while always connected through technology sometimes miss out on physical proximity to their families, the digital film is a reflection of life in today’s busy world and the joys of a homecoming for Diwali.

Geetanjali is a young working mother who stays in a different city with her husband and a young daughter. Her parents are her constant virtual contacts for help with all sorts of problems in her life; from taking financial opinion from her dad and checking out instructions to make a bird feeder, to confirming recipes from her mother or asking relationship advice from her, Geetanjali is seen reaching out to her parents for most of the time, over video calls, social media networks and frantic speed dial calls.

Her parents who are always happy to lend an ear or offer a word of comfort, however are disappointed when she declines to come home for Diwali the second year in a row. What ensues is a barrage of calls from Geetanjali to her parents, which receive no response.

With her ‘reliable helpline’ shut off, a lonely Geetanjali proceeds to make laddoos on her own, but soon realises that she should chuck the Diwali plans with her friends and visit her parents instead. What happens next reminds us that the best Diwali is always the one spent at home.

The seven-minute film has been received well with over  200K views in 2 days. The idea is being extended on to social media with an exciting campaign for fans of Pepsi India, Kurkure and Tropicana India. Fans have been invited to share their #GharWaliDiwali story and tell why they cannot be home this Diwali.

Story entries can be submitted via wall posts or comments on the Pepsi India or Tropicana India or Kurkure Facebook pages. Alternatively, one can also tag either of the three brands on Twitter (@PepsiIndia or @IndiaTropicana or @KurkureSnacks) and mention #GharWaliDiwali in their story.

The best, most heart-warming stories will be gratified with travel vouchers so they can have a #GharWaliDiwali!

Digital storytelling and Diwali

The film is pure nostalgia. It took me back to the days when we all celebrated Diwali together, right from preparing the sweets to redecorating our home. If a brand can do this to me in this age of excessive digital bombardment, it only speaks of the brand’s victory. Despite having any of the products featuring in the film, (though I presume the two glasses at the table had Pepsi and Tropicana orange), it leaves you with a deep emotional thought.

Tying it up with a contest that actually lets a few lucky consumers visit their homes this Diwali is the cherry on the cake. It is great to see brands telling memorable stories. The product has taken backstage while the story is the hero. #GharWaliDiwali is a win win in digital content creation.