Pepperfry Taps The ‘Homemade’ Furniture Buyers In New Campaign

Pepperfry says, "Don’t worry, Buy Happy!" to all furniture buyers hassled by the experience of having got their furniture made at home


The online furniture market is quickening its offerings in the country. Competing with offline furniture and home decor solutions providers is proving to be a mighty uphill task, given our propensity for buying custom made furniture after selecting the kind of wood, the polish and the fabric too.

The big two, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder – both heavily funded online furniture and home startups – have also started offering complete home interior solutions to keep up with their competitors. Pepperfry has also invested in Studio Pepperfry, a one of its kind concept store that showcases a curated range of furniture from the online portfolio of Pepperfry. Furniture and home decor seekers can get free in-store design consultancy apart from interacting with design consultants.

Pepperfry with over $128 million in funds is now at a growth phase where it needs to tap into newer consumer segments. The largest of them being those who prefer to have their furniture ‘made at home’. India is mainly an unorganized market when it comes to furniture, and usual behaviour is to select designs from your local furniture store and have carpenters come over to build them at your home.

Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO at Pepperfry makes frequent visits to customers’ homes during the delivery schedule to know their experiences and get direct feedback. This helps provide valuable inputs for the brand’s marketing campaigns, as the one launched recently – Don’t worry, Buy Happy!

The 360-degree integrated campaign has a sizeable outlay of Rs 13 crores and addresses the main pain points about having your special furniture made at home – physical inconvenience, time escalations, budget overruns and a lack of design/functional fidelity. Conceptualized by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, there are two ad films at the core, with one more in the pipeline.

‘Stop suffering and leave the hard work to us’ shows us a little snippet of a husband-wife duo at home. Peeved with her husband, the wife is not talking to him at all, while we figure out the reason for this domestic splat. There’s too much noise as carpenters go about sawing, nailing and filing away wood. There are also pieces of wood shavings and lots of wood dust around the house.

Despite the man trying to convince his wife that all this would only last a week, their experience is horrifying. They are seen having breakfast on a partially made table with quick fix legs as the wood was over. A female voiceover at the end makes the case for Pepperfry, about how convenient and hassle-free it is with its large range and services.

‘Don’t compromise, get the furniture you need’ features this granddaughter getting a sofa made at home. There’s too much noise and an unconvinced grandfather who wonders silently about the outcome. Towards the end, they are seen sitting together on their newly made-at-home sofa but its literally like a see-saw!

The female voiceover makes her pitch.

Pepperfry works with many in-house brands like Woodsworth, Casa Craft, Amberville, Mollycoddle, amongst others, along with a 250+ carpenter team spread across major towns and cities. The company owns 400 vehicles to cater to the 3,500 vendors that sell 120,000 units a month, Business Standard reports.

With Future Group acquiring FabFurnish, and Sweden’s Ikea making its India debut, Pepperfry and others are in for greater challenges this year. Catalyzing a change in consumer buying behaviour seems to be the next logical step after having soundly established itself for four years in the country.

The new campaign aimed at this massive consumer segment of homemade furniture buyers, is an aggressive effort to attract first time buyers, but it will take an enormous duration to convert this unorganized market into online buyers. The tradeoff between price and convenience would decide the outcome.