Pepperfry Goes From ‘Why Wait For Diwali’’ To ‘Iss Diwali Kuch Badal Ke Dekhiye’

Pepperfry says 'Iss Diwali Kuch Badal Ke Dekhiye' in its Diwali campaign during which the furniture etailer is offering upto 51% discount on Mega Diwali Sale


If ecommerce players had their way in India, the country would soon be buying stuff at the click of a mouse. Well fuelled with funding and a survival plan to get us all e-shopping, many giants are banking on the country’s biggest shopping festival of Diwali, otherwise known as the festival of lights and joy.

Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, the so-called big three have already been tempting us weeks prior to the festival with their pre-Diwali campaigns. Now is the turn of the other ecommerce companies, especially those that are operating in verticals like furniture, designer apparel, etc.

Pepperfry, one of India’s early furniture etailer is offering up to 51% discount in its Mega Diwali Sale. The brand has also rolled out a campaign that makes Diwali shopping a ‘feel-good’ thing. Named around the action-oriented thought “Iss Diwali kuch badal ke dekhiye”, the campaign has kicked off two TVCs conceptualized and created by Saatchi & Saatchi.

In the TVC titled ‘Gift’, a young lady is always wished good morning by her old neighbour, as she makes her way to work every day. Most of the times, she doesn’t bother to acknowledge but one day while returning home she realizes something. She sees an empty cane stool and a wooden rocking chair in place where the old woman and her husband sit.

Next morning the young lady rings the doorbell of her neighbour’s house and quickly leaves. When the old woman opens the door, she is pleasantly surprised to see a brand new rocking chair as a Diwali gift from her young neighbour.

The voiceover at the end says, “Iss Diwali kuch badal ke dekhiye”.


The other TVC is titled ‘Landlord’ and features a tough landlord knocking at the door of his tenant’s house for rent, while reminding him that he is four days late. The young tenant makes his apologies and hands over an envelope with the rent. Meanwhile the landlord has made a mental note after noticing a cracked glass table and a cane stool in the house.

Next scene shows Diwali time and lights everywhere. The young guy comes home to be welcomed by a brand new wooden table. Realizing who bought this, he quickly hops out to thank his landlord referring to him as ‘Uncle’. The landlord wishes him a wishes him ‘Happy Diwali’.


Surprisingly, Pepperfry had rolled out ‘Why wait for Diwali’ early last month. The campaign launched as a precursor to Diwali comprised a series of four humourous films conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi. The central theme was to convince furniture buyers waiting for Diwali discounts, to buy then, as Pepperfry offered great value at all times of the year.

In ‘Bed’ ad, the husband tries his best to not wake up his sleeping wife while getting into their creaking noisy bed. The voiceover questions them would they wait till Diwali to buy a new bed, and tells them about great deals at Pepperfry.


In ‘Book Shelf’ ad, the home of a happy book loving couple is shown littered with books stacked one over the other. The husband pulls out a book from the middle of one such stack, a lampshade barely standing on top of the pile loses balance and begins to fall down when the husband manages to catch it in time. Both the husband and wife heave a sigh of relief, but are soon faced with all book stacks losing their balance.


The treatment given to each of the campaigns is aligned with its objective. While ‘Why wait for Diwali’ ads were downright hilarious ones, the ads in the new Diwali campaign manage to tug at your heart strings. An old neighbour whom we take for granted, a young tenant whose rent never arrives on time are good subjects, however, the landlord gifting a brand new designer study table and chair to his young tenant looks too far fetched to me. Landlords are the proverbial vultures who only prey on their tenants and featuring one of their own for a beautiful thought like ‘Iss Diwali kuch badal ke dekhiye’ looks forced to me.

Nevertheless, people waiting for Diwali discounts can avail the Mega Diwali Sale now. Both campaigns back-to-back have burnt enough marketing budgets and hopefully created a decent brand recall for Pepperfry to stand out in the clutter of Diwali discounts on furniture offered by other etailers as well as offline furniture retailers.