Pepe Jeans India Facebook Page Gets 150,000 Likes In 10 Days!

A look into Are you Pepe? Facebook campaign by Pepe jeans India

While earlier brands were employing multiple mediums to build traffic to their website, they are now increasingly doing the same to guide traffic to their Facebook page. Pepe Jeans India has partnered with Radio One to bring traffic to its Facebook campaign ‘Are You Pepe’. Radio One 94.3 FM has started a unique idea with an imaginary group of girls called the Pepe Chickas, whose main reason for being is to engage with the male audience on-air and get them to participate in the ‘Are You Pepe’ Facebook contest. The winner can enjoy 7 days with a friend in London.

This gang of girls from London have personalities that reflect the international flavour of brand Pepe and speak with a British accent. These qualities alone are enough to lure the Indian male audience. See below Radio One updates relating to Pepe Chickas:


And the effect on the Facebook page is also dramatic. The page had nearly 1,60,000 likes when I checked yesterday but has just shot up to 1,64,388 while I write this today morning. So much for Pepe Chickas!

About ‘Are you Pepe – The Search’

Coming to the ‘Are you Pepe’ Facebook contest, which is primarily being run on an app, but majorly being driven through the wall, is all about having the right Pepe attitude. The first rounds of screening started with an Attitude Aptitude quiz, followed by ‘The Head Turner’ test and ‘The Face of Fame’, where contestants had to upload their ‘cool dude’ looking pictures and get votes. And finally, based on the scores and number of votes, 10 people were selected for the Final Face-Off. These 10 finalists will be given 4 tasks like giving a witty caption to a set of images, get a picture clicked with a group of girls so that we could know their ‘babe magnetism’, find a way to get out of an awkward situation, etc. The last two tasks are underway while I write this.

The ‘Are you Pepe’ app is appealing and informative all within 4 neat tabs – Pepe’s Attitude Academy, Are you Pepe? The Search, The Prize and Rules. You can see an array of the 10 finalists under the tab “Are you Pepe? The Search”. Upon clicking any of them you can see their Bios, pictures and entries in the Final Face-Off tasks. Vote for them if you are impressed by their attitude.


Apart from this, the wall shows an interesting level of engagement with fans voting for their favourites and participating themselves in the hope to win goodies and vouchers.

If one looks at the engagement levels and growth of  the brands Facebook page,  the ‘Are you Pepe’ Facebook campaign seems to  have been on the drawing board for a while. A well-crafted, short campaign with an ambitious objective.

Is radio the new way?

One may  wonder how much traffic has been generated for ‘Are you Pepe’ by the Pepe Chickas. As per an article in AFAQS, the Pepe Jeans Facebook page received 1,50,000 likes within 10 days. In case this phenomenal increase can be attributed to Pepe Chickas alone, it would be a really interesting statistic to know and factor into while designing future marketing campaigns using radio as part of the mix. For now we have seen the use of outdoor hoardings, newspaper, TV and radio too to promote online activities of the brand. And it is exciting to know online communities being formed with the help of non-digital mediums.

What do you think about the Pepe Chickas luring us into Are You Pepe?